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Saturday, 29 June 2013


The Thicke Of It.

#thicke #blurredlines #1. It's no secret, this is the song of the moment. 'The Evolution Of Robin Thicke' is complete. The man who has been a star in America for many years and great albums (see 'The Evolution', 'Something Else', 'Sex Therapy' and 'Love After War') has truly hit home and the hash-tag trending feeds (it's subliminally, shamelessly but stylishly there in the video) with his 'Blurred Lines'. No need to read between the lines, this is the guilty pleasure of the year. The uncut video has been gaining as many requests as complaints, proving that controversy as well as sex sells. Still beyond the sexy and hilarious video (approved by Thicke's actress wife Paula Patton) there is a song that could still capture the charts with all it's catchiness without a visual. Producer Pharrell (who has been giving everything from Daft Punk to 'Despicable Me' again hits) is back like it was 2001 with his awesome ad-libs on every other song on the radio. While T.I. looks to take his throne as the 'King Of The South' once again with this feature and his latest run of hits (check back in the future for a hit with the one and only P!nk). Still amongst all the cool suits, dancing and ladies this is Thicke's moment. The man who once was wrongly denied a 'Vibe' cover because was white (yeah...really), proves he's right there with Timberlake and everyone else in R&B. His voice and style is just that smoother and better. He's one of the reigning soul men and best of modern mainstream times. If you didn't see it from his previous classics, you'll see it now without the blur. Hear this Vibe...he's here to stay, covered like a Rolling Stone. This may be a guilty pleasure but you know you like it. Let the fun times roll. TIM DAVID HARVEY.