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Friday, 6 December 2013


Born in the land of the free of the U.S.A, 'hope' is a four letter word of love, worn deep into the blue jeans of the American dream. Boot-cut into the soul of the soil of labor that workers have been toiling in, taking care of their own since they where born to run. That's right for all you hard workers out there on E Street, the boss is BACK! Bruce Springsteen returns like he does at the beginning of every other year since his 'Rising' rebirth return to the new millennium when the city of New York and the world really needed this jersey boy, with a new record to close the fall, before his album releases and celebrates the new year. "Monday morning runs to Sunday night/Screaming slow me down before the new year dies", Springsteen sings loudly over an emphatic new style that is still distinctly E Street like the sound of late, great Clarence Clemons saxophone nephew playing the notes of the dear departed in fitting, perfect sound alike tribute. This former live favorite cover turned into a real, new track is incredibly inspiring like the previous 'Wrecking Ball' swing and it's 'Land Of Hope & Dreams' with its love over hate and prosperity over poverty ideal. These are everybody hopes in it's highest form and and played loud instrumentally for that epic, everyone encompassing stadium sound. Now with this new record adding itself to the classic catalog of the boss sublime Dylan chasing, ream filled songbook, this track marks one of Bruce's best. The album of the same name, which will feature a lot of collaborating work with Tom Morello (like the incredible 'Magic Tour Highlights' of the riff real 'Ghost Of Tom Joad' ('Joad' and live favorite 'American Skin (41 Shots)' get the remake rerecording too) really will rage against the mainstream machine and the Winter blues of an early new year stagnant sales stage. "You pay for everything" the boss says, but at the same time reaffirms the notion of giving "help", "strength", "soul", "love" and "peace". The song that was originally recorded by Bruce and his band 14 years ago for the 'Greatest Hits' and originally wrote by Tim Scott of The Havalinas is given a  fresh remodeling here by the former girls and cars singer giving the world hope. From the powerful percussion to piano from New Jersey to Orleans, here the greatest American singer songwriter of this generation and all-time makes the words of Scott's song his and everyone else, looking in everyone's eyes and knowing "they stand a chance" more than high hell. Now that's some heaven sent spirit. Now that's hope. TIM DAVID HARVEY.