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Sunday, 21 October 2012


How fitting that the return of our monthly 'Song For The Moment' feature will be re-christened by the very rock God's that inspired it? It was Aerosmith-not Eminem (although Joe Perry hooked up for the sensational sample)-that originally 'sung for the moment' on their definitive, awakening classic 'Dream On' that is currently doing the rounds on the trailer for the hotly anticipated new Ben Affleck picture 'Argo'. Affleck himself appeared alongside Steven Tyler's daughter Liv in the mega-movie 'Armaggedon' that featured the last big and boldest Aerosmith hit 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing'. Can you believe it's been a decade gone since then? Well Steve and the boys have got their wings back, primed with a new album ('Music From Another Dimension') that they say is 40, career years in the making. The noise they're about to make in your heads will bother you again as these true American idol's are here to show that Rock-n-Roll is not in the in the hands of fate of a Lenny Kravitz classic. This is all spurred on by the boot-clicking, classic rock number 'What Could Have Been Love' which serves as their lead single. With a classic nineties nostalgic feel of true rock from the video to the classic, catchy chorus that is an instantly recital for hardcore fans. The last band standing are back and proud. The sweet devotion, good-time music you love returns with this song, in this moment this band will "stay here for the rest of time". TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012



The Ballads Of Ben Harper.

If Bruce Springsteen is the closest thing American singing/songwriting has to Bob Dylan then the closest thing to 'The Boss' this generation is Ben Harper. With a legendary legacy of lyrics and a genuine genre mix of everything from rock to blues, soul, funk and the spiritual this is one of today's artists that have everything. Still it's this versatility that leaves him vulnerable to the length of his talent being disregarded or underrated to some degree. Harper even reckons himself that in this iTunes age of cherry-picking tracks those looking for some hard rock and finding a slow burner or vice versa could be easily put off.

That's why with his first compilation, Ben Harper releases his greatest hits of ballads with 'By My Side'. With a great album to match a good idea (he should do a 'by my amp' rock hits record next, perhaps called 'Shimmer & Shine') Harper gives us a dozen dutiful, beautiful ballads spanning his classic career. It all begins with the lasting 'Forever' and ends with a wild, awesome new track 'Crazy Amazing'. The compilation title track 'By My Side' off the iconic album 'Fight For Your Mind' paints us an audio descriptive picture of this compilations tone. One of a loyal love of closeness and togetherness.

'Gold To Me' shines in all it's glory on this picture podium retrospective of Harper's deepest and best work. While there's more shimmer on shine on the iconic, fan favorite, cult classic 'Diamonds On The Inside'. The gleam doesn't stop there as the Innocent Criminals assisted 'Lifeline' album cut 'In The Colors' adds more art to this albums canvas. It's in the final half dozen of this perfect playlist that the music gets it most beautiful and poignant though.

'Beloved One' off 'Burn To Shine' ignites with sweet, slow soulful beauty on a glowing, laid out bare song for lovers. It's the ultimate dedication like the in good and bad, sickness and health 'Not Fire, Not Ice' which is given a new studio take for this release. The single off Harper's 'Give 'Till It's Gone' album release last year (which was the first solo and one of the best of his career in a long time), 'Feel Love' and the sensational spiritual 'Waiting On An Angel' round this release out nicely and sweetly. On this record the bands-men who is no stranger to hard rock shows like his friend Ringo that all you need is love.

The real highlight of this greatest hits package however belongs with two records of his finest, defining album 'Both Sides Of The Gun'. Sure a number of tracks like 'Waiting For You', 'Picture In A Frame' and 'Reason To Mourn' could have made it on to this set-list (as could greats like 'The Woman In You', 'When She Believes' and 'Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn') but Ben's best track 'Morning Yearning' really shows him between strings and violins at his deepest and most beautiful.

If you remember the vivid visual that matched the gorgeous tone of this track in the musics video then you may remember that the late, great actor and friend Of Harper, Heath Ledger (rest peacefully) directed this cinematic feeling classic. Well Harper returned the favor by writing a lovely lullaby ('Happy Everafter In Your Eyes') for Heath to sing to his daughter. That's here too and completes this classic collection. The 'Innocent Criminal', with a 'Fistful Of Mercy', whose rocked with the 'Blind Boys Of Alabama' and a 'Relentless 7' has more groups to his name than social networks. Still before embarking on a solitary tour, Ben go's it alone on this solo stroll through his discography. Harper shows us with 'By My Side' just why he'll keep more fans close to him throughout the rest of his legacy making career. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


It's The Remix.


In our bonus video interview me and Tyrese Gibson are in London discussing some hot topics.

Hey this is is Tim Harvey I'm with Tyrese he's in London filming 'Fast & The Furious 6'. I've got some hard questions for you Tyrese you ready?

Tyrese: I'm ready.

Q. So TGT, Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese all together, why now?

Tyrese: R&B needs this. You know it's been a vision of ours for awhile now to do this group and visions and dreams are important but it's real now. Atlantic Records gave us the biggest deal ever. It's a three album deal and we're all very excited. It's about to be a problem. You know what I'm saying there's nothing like going to one concert and seeing three of your favorite artists on stage, bringing what we're all bringing to the stage musically, having fun and reminding me people why they fell in love with true R&B in the first place. You know R&B is very insecure right now. People feel like they can't do a full song by their self without a rapper featuring at the end of it. People feel like they need to do house or techno. There's nothing wrong with having your music to travel abroad with and have a new fanbases be created but ultimately the reason you stopped doing full R&B is because the sales in R&B are low and you jumped ship. But we're here and although we want to sell a bunch of records we're not doing it for record sales. We're doing it for true R&B.


Q. You've been in Miami, you've been in Brazil and now 'Fast & The Furious' is in London. What makes this film different from the rest?

Tyrese: Fast 6 is going to be big man. I'm on the set everyday. You know I'm really shocked there are so many stars in one movie yet Justin Lin-the director-who I think is a genius. We call him the Zen master because how can you have all these different personalities and ego's and energy on one set yet we feel like our characters have been individualized. You'll never catch Vin saying something that Roman Pierce would say. You'll never catch Dwayne Johnson saying something Paul Walker would say. Or doing anything anyone else should be saying or doing. So we all think we have big moments in the movie and it's a big deal. We're very grateful that 'Fast Five' is the biggest one to date and I think 'Fast Six' is going to be a problem when it comes out Memorial Day weekend.

Q. 'Fast & The Furious' isn't the only franchise you're a part of.  You're a part of 'Transformers', but 'Transformers 4' will you be in it?

Tyrese: Erm...I don't know. Me and Michael Bay have been exchanging text messages and I hope it works out. I mean things fell apart with Megan Fox and so we had to do what we had to do to pick up the pieces and keep moving and that’s when we started to rock with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and now things have fell apart with Shia. Business is business and I think Shia has expressed this openly but when you're associated with movies like 'Transformers' other than the box office receipts as an actor, like a full on actor a lot of people can arguably say that they don't treat you serious in this town called Hollywood as they can say "the only reason this movie did big is because of the robots, or the big action and special effects". In a certain capacity it could diminish your value as an actor and what you bring to the table even though it's huge for your brand and your image and your celebrity around the world, but Shia is one of them real actors. Full-on real actors and I think whether it's an independent role and he's just getting paid per diem, or if it's a role that he's just passionate about that he can do for free, as long as he's associated with these heavyweight actors that's the space he's in. But for me I started this shit with Shia, Josh, Michael Bay and the team and sometimes you lose a team member. For me not being a part of 'Transformers 4', if that's what’s happening, it would fuck me up if I'm honest. I love it you know it's a childhood movie favorite of mine I don't want to not be a part of that franchise period and sometimes when you lose a team member you just have to keep it going...period.

Q. The new question is. How do you follow 'How To Get Out Of Your Own Way' with Rev Run on 'Manology'?

Tyrese: 'Manology' is the new book I did with Rev Run and that's coming around February. You guys can pre-order that book around the world right now. You know I'm excited man. There's nothing like sharing and giving people inside information about life live, love, relationships, challenges, things that people are struggling with. We should assume that until we speak on it, no one is listening because we have fans that hold on to the things that we speak on in our minds and our views and our perspectives. So you know 'Manology' is definitely coming, it's going to be some shit. It's going to shake up the world, I believe.

Q. Even with all this it looks like your triple-threat 'Black Rose' is looking to be your biggest project. Is this true?

Tyrese: Well 'Black Rose' is going to be very different. I think it's going to mean something very controversial you know. It's going to be a double album. It's going to be one side Tyrese, me singing and the other side Black-Ty, me rhyming, rhyming again like I did with 'Alter-Ego' and I'm also releasing a book called 'Black Rose'. So you know it's going to be some shit man I'm excited.

Q. I think the most important question is what is your biggest fear?

Tyrese: My biggest fear I think is...erm death. I fear death and I don’t fear death for a reason most people fear death. I'm not afraid to die because when its time to go it's time to go. I'm afraid of dying because I've got a lot of shit to do and I've I'm not here then it can't be done. I'm a giant. I'm a game changer. I'm fearless. The size of this building can't handle my thoughts, my visions, my dreams. I dream beyond what I can afford. I dream beyond my finances. I have visions beyond my circumstances. I've never claimed to be the biggest star in the world but I'm unstoppable in my mind and none of this stuff could be lived out if you're dead. So I got shit to do.

You can catch the full video interview on Tyrese's Mobli site.

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