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Sunday, 21 October 2012


How fitting that the return of our monthly 'Song For The Moment' feature will be re-christened by the very rock God's that inspired it? It was Aerosmith-not Eminem (although Joe Perry hooked up for the sensational sample)-that originally 'sung for the moment' on their definitive, awakening classic 'Dream On' that is currently doing the rounds on the trailer for the hotly anticipated new Ben Affleck picture 'Argo'. Affleck himself appeared alongside Steven Tyler's daughter Liv in the mega-movie 'Armaggedon' that featured the last big and boldest Aerosmith hit 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing'. Can you believe it's been a decade gone since then? Well Steve and the boys have got their wings back, primed with a new album ('Music From Another Dimension') that they say is 40, career years in the making. The noise they're about to make in your heads will bother you again as these true American idol's are here to show that Rock-n-Roll is not in the in the hands of fate of a Lenny Kravitz classic. This is all spurred on by the boot-clicking, classic rock number 'What Could Have Been Love' which serves as their lead single. With a classic nineties nostalgic feel of true rock from the video to the classic, catchy chorus that is an instantly recital for hardcore fans. The last band standing are back and proud. The sweet devotion, good-time music you love returns with this song, in this moment this band will "stay here for the rest of time". TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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