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Saturday, 30 July 2011


This may not be the best soul mans greatest album, but it's sure one of his most popular ones. Everyone's parents has the 'Midnight Love' record by Marvin Gaye in their collection. If you dig through the crates you can really find some classics here too as this album changed soul music and ultimately R&B. It was the smash hit 'Sexual Healing' that did this, although there's plenty more innovative, before their time cuts from this 1982 record. Take 'Midnight Lady' or 'Rockin' After Midnight' for example as this after hours affair was full of lights out slow jams. Side two of this record really kept things going too with the part-starting 'Turn On Some Music', the uplifting 'Joy' and the worthwhile closer 'My Love Is Waiting'. Even though this albums track-list doesn't reach double figures it's still a ten out of ten piece of music. This eight track really is a wonder. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-THE ADVENTURES OF RAIN DANCE MAGGIE: The new Frusciante less Chili Peppers return with a single with a Beatles-esque name.

BON IVER-PERTH: The first song of the new self-titled album and possibly the best song of the bands career.

DRAKE-I GET LONELY TOO: This TLC interpolating, smooth gem was just a sample of the great Drake R&B mixtape that never was.

DJ KHALED Feat DRAKE, RICK ROSS & LIL' WAYNE-I'M ON ONE: Drake has also turned part of one of his songs ('Trust Issues') into a great Khaled, posse cut.

SNOOP DOGG-EL LAY: The Doggfathers 'Doggumentary' is highlighted by this great tour around his city of Los Angeles.


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-AEROPLANE: We miss dear John, but the last time the Red Hot Chili Peppers where without him they fared pretty good with Dave Navarro. Just listen to this.

COUNTING CROWS-ROUND HERE: With 'August & Everything After' almost here lets take in this opener from the Crows debut.

DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE-SUMMERTIME: We're still in July however and this is THE Summer anthem...period.

MOBY-IF THINGS WHERE PERFECT: This aint half bad either as the producer gives us some Summer.

KANYE WEST Feat JAY-Z-NEVER LET ME DOWN: You better 'Watch The Throne' because Kanye and Jay's highly anticipated, long-awaited collabo album is almost here and it's tracks like this that guarantee it to be classic. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Our song for July and arguably this whole, hot, Summer season sounds like it's the song of the nighties. Hip-Hop renaissance man and inspirational music icon Common brings us a new song that honestly on first listen sounds and feels like one of his early classics. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a mixtape, crate-digging find instead of a new record. Even the singles artwork of the M.C. at a young age harks back to his earlier decades. 'Ghetto Dreams' is more then nostalgia, it's a testament to hip-hop's golden age, a hard-hitting song that is popular without being conventionally, commercially viable. This No I.D. produced gem takes us back to classic scratches and samples as rap legend Nas is used for the chorus. New York's finest joins Chicago's best for more then just the hook or artwork photo circa years gone by. Nas also delivers a nasty new verse of his own as he takes it back to the old school. The Q.B. star would steal the show too if it wasn't for the class of Common-the man who blessed us with the beautiful 'Be'-who gives us another classic from his upcoming project ('The Dreamer, The Believer') that looks to find even more forever music. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Björk may just be the greatest, single reason that music these days continues to push the creative envelope so brilliantly by every record. To the letter the Icelandic singer defines phrases like 'versatile', 'unique' and 'ground-breaking'. She's done everything from songs Sinatra would be proud of ('It's Oh So Quiet') to albums comprised of nothing but vocal instrumentation (the incredible 'Medúlla'). The sweet singer is even moving with the times by making music features for ipads and expect a brand new album for the first time in four years in the coming months ('Biophilia'). Still all this success started with the singers incredible 'Debut'. Björk's first album was creative, fun, daring and 'pop' all at the same time as it man-slaughtered the mainstream and showed the charts what real music was back in the golden age of 1993. This woman's work consisted of her classic 'Venus As A Boy' and the first, sensational, favourite single 'Human Behaviour'. After the first two hits cemented her status, the following singles ('Play Dead', 'Big Time Sensuality' and 'Violently Happy') did nothing but further engrave her lasting legacy in music. Shifting between so many genres that Kate Bush would find it hard to keep up, this disc wasn't just single worthy, the album tracks where classics too. From the beautiful 'Crying' to the uplifting 'Aeroplane' and the sweetly sublime 'Come To Me'. One of the song's most audibly appealing and boundary pushing songs however had to be 'There's More to Life Than This', which was recorded live in the 'Milk Bar' toilets. This song just like the whole album showed that Björk can turn any experimental style into great music. It's been a long time but this album lasts. When it comes to this timeless talent we can't wait to hear what she's got in store next. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


ANDRE 3000-ALL TOGETHER NOW: Three Stacks brings us a Beatles classic-in his own unique style-for a great Kobe Bryant 'Nike' ad.

DRAKE-MARVIN'S ROOM: Deep, dark and possibly one of the Toronto M.C.'s most shining moments. His laid back flow doesn't get much cooler than this.

COMMON Feat NAS-GHETTO DREAMS: Last 'Tape Deck' we gave them a special and it's all because of this great new track, which sounds and even looks (check the artwork) like an old-school nighties hit.

NAS-NASTY: Nas is no slouch on his new single either, taking it back once more to his nastier, lyrical days.

SNOOP DOGG Feat KANYE WEST & JOHN LEGEND-EYEZ CLOSED: The man with the greatest longevity in rap comes back with another funky, unreleased hit with some G.O.O.D music on his side.


THE BEATLES-ALL TOGETHER NOW: If you don't like Andre 3k's take then realise why nothing beats an original.

LIL' WAYNE-KOBE BRYANT: Speaking of Kobe, nothing tops this tribute to the LA Lakers and NBA legend.

NAS-HALFTIME: staying with the basketball and original, old-school theme, its songs like this that made Nas such an icon himself in the nighties.

COMMON SENSE-RESURRECTION: When he had more 'sense' (in his name that is) Com' was also a big star in the nighties. This classic off the album of the same name and compliment.

SNOOP DOGG-LODI DODI: And finally its songs like this that helped Snopp's legacy turn into legendary longevity. Here covering Slick Rick as perfectly as Andre has done with the fab four. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Sam Cooke isn't just one of the greatest soul singers ever, he's also one of the greatest artists of all-time...period. As one of the best showmen to ever grace the microphone this 'Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963' concert album is not only one of the best live performances and C.D.'s but one of music's greatest albums, making all the top and must-hear lists. Displaying his sex appeal, charisma, charm, spirit and all-round good guy nature Cooke takes us everywhere the heart beats in just over a half-hour. With a distorted mic and a sense of how cramped this club was, this raw sound is renowned as one of the best performances ever from everyone from live favourite Rod Stewart to Hollywood director Michael Mann, who used singer David Elliott to portray the cinematic feel of this concert to give an epic intro to his classic, Will Smith picture 'Ali'. The bold and beautiful performance of 'Bring It On Home' was used here as was the interlude before it, as Cooke seamlessly went from song to song singing interludes and stories about his baby in melody, making them feel and be sought after as and like individual songs. With all due respect to the soul of James Brown (rest peacefully) this recording is even more alive, emphatic and energetic from the 'Soul Twist' introduction to the 'Having A Party' continuing outro. Designed to make you feel good and stirring the soul this legend cemented his legacy from start to finish on record. Just listen, ever harmony, hum and bar is note perfect. Oh yeah! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Common and Nas take it back to the mid-90's with the sound and even the artwork on Common's sensational new single 'Ghetto Dreams', so to celebrate this weeks 'Shuffle' sees their classics go head-to-head.


I USED TO LOVE H.E.R.- Common's classic dedication to the game resurrected his life and gave him a career in hip-hop.

THE LIGHT Feat ERYKAH BADU- With his former beau Badu, Common turned on audiences and enlightened a genre.

RETROSPECT FOR LIFE Feat LAURYN HILL- Com's collabo with the Fugees legend is a hard-hitting education on abortion. A necessary listen.

LOVE IS- One of raps, most beautifully deep tracks. This is life. This is love.

FOREVER BEGINS- Epic, inspiring and influential, complete with Pops this is the real feel-good anthem.


IT AINT HARD TO TELL- It's easy to see that this Michael Jackson sampler is the king of hip-hop classics.

IF I RULED THE WORLD (IMAGINE THAT) Feat LAURYN HILL- Ms. Hill joins the G.O.D. this time for a heavenly partnership.

ONE MIC- Huge, ground-breaking, epic and thought-provoking. On his own and against the world with his microphone Nas didn't need anything else.

MADE YOU LOOK- The only underground anthem worthy of gun-shots ringing over it. Number one with a bullet, without a doubt. Check the remix.

HIP-HOP IS DEAD- In declaring the death of his genre with this classic, Nas actually brought 'H.E.R.' back to life. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Monday, 4 July 2011



From 'Bon' to 'Grande'.

Following the cult and critical success of their classic debut 'For Emma, Forever Ago', Justin Vernon and his indie-folk band Bon Iver return for a self-titled release that looks and sounds like art, as this albums dedication shows just how deep their devotion for music really is.

Originally penned as 'Letters for Marvin', 'Bon Iver' won't be returned to sender, this is note perfect. Already well received (it hit number 2 on the American billboard charts and 4 in the U.K. charts) this may just be the album of the year. As deep and remote as the log-cabins that you could find Vernon in, this album has a calm, chilled feel that evokes introspective and inspiring elements. On his embark Vernon names tracks after various places in the world, whilst exploring the musical landscape like the indie Kanye West, (a man whom shared a 'Monster' collaboration with Iver).

'Perth' is the perfect opener, as Bon Iver go up and under for an epic track that really is one of the best. This blends in seamlessly with the magnificent 'Minnesota WI' as Bon Iver crosses tracks and time-zones. Exploring more vocal arrangements Vernon lets us hear that his vocal instrument really is dynamic, almost jazz-feeling in it's tone-shifting constant change.

The flux continues with the beautiful 'Holocene', the uprising 'Towers' and the atmospheric 'Michicant'. The album really takes us away on 'Hinnom, TX' as the music gets more experimental and for that fact more exciting. Then musical purity pours out of 'Wash.', while 'Calgary' sweeps us away. A song as vast and awe-inspiring as Canada, the country the songs namesake is a part of.

The journey isn't over however as we go to 'Lisbon OH' for more beauty, but this time of the instrument kind. Then it almost sounds like we are taken back to the eighties with the finale 'Beth/Rest', which lays this album down perfectly in it's sublime simplicity. As our musical trip with 'Bon Iver' comes to an end we really have gone far in just over a half-hour. This encompassing piece goes further musically then it's predecessor, raising the bar for any next-comer who desires to take their musical craft to a finer, artistic point. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


This year saw the release of the '10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' of this woman's worthwhile, classic debut and from 'Songs in A Minor' to 'Element Of Freedom' and other diary entries Miss Keys really has had the talents to help her become one of the best singer/songwriters of current and all time. Still 'As I Am' was the album that the R&B star was at her most seriously, sincere soulful self. The hot, lead single 'No One' was a sublime, classy chart smash, and you could tell from the black and white, personal portrait on the front cover that 'As I Am' was going to be an in-depth classic. Marvin would be proud from the powerful, heart-breakingly appreciative reflection points of 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' (which had a terrific second take on a Ludacris remix) to John Mayer's simply awesome, 'It's Alright' vocals on 'Lessons Learned' along with the heroic, female rally-cry of 'Superwoman' and it's world-wide inspiration to the love lament of 'Where Do We Go From Here'. Every track on this album was perfect from the upbeat drumbeat of 'I Need You' to the angelic, 'Saviour' off the albums 'Super Deluxe Edition'. This record is timeless like Smokey and Stevie vinyl's. All in all this take of Alicia as she is was more then just the real thing, it was the truth. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


DRAKE-TRUST ISSUES: Trust us, and thank Drake now this is the song of the day, week, month and season.

NICKI MINAJ-SUPER BASS: Drake's Young Money partner is still racking up the speakers and sales.

NAS-NASTY: Simply put, he's back.

FOO FIGHTERS-THESE DAYS: Still going strong after all these years.

BEN HARPER-FEEL LOVE: Another what will become an old favourite off the Relentless mans new album.


THE BEATLES-HERE COMES THE SUN: The Summers finally here, enough said.

SAM COOKE-BRING IT ON HOME (LIVE AT THE HARLEM SQUARE CLUB): In concert this epic, inspiring song really comes alive.

ALICIA KEYS-TYPEWRITER: Technically a new single but this track from the 'Songs In A Minor' sessions and '10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' is classic.

BRANDY Feat RAY-J-ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE: Listen and learn to the genesis and genius of a Phil Collins re-invention.

SANTANA Feat ROB THOMAS-SMOOTH: Finish your cool evening BBQ's with this scorching, hot, seasonal and timeless song. TIM DAVID HARVEY.