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Saturday, 30 July 2011


This may not be the best soul mans greatest album, but it's sure one of his most popular ones. Everyone's parents has the 'Midnight Love' record by Marvin Gaye in their collection. If you dig through the crates you can really find some classics here too as this album changed soul music and ultimately R&B. It was the smash hit 'Sexual Healing' that did this, although there's plenty more innovative, before their time cuts from this 1982 record. Take 'Midnight Lady' or 'Rockin' After Midnight' for example as this after hours affair was full of lights out slow jams. Side two of this record really kept things going too with the part-starting 'Turn On Some Music', the uplifting 'Joy' and the worthwhile closer 'My Love Is Waiting'. Even though this albums track-list doesn't reach double figures it's still a ten out of ten piece of music. This eight track really is a wonder. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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