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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


For August our 'Song For The Moment' is actually a special triple-header in celebration of Canadian rapper and Young Money/Lil' Wayne investment Drake. It seems this top M.C. hasn't cooled off from the hot-streak that was ignited by mixtapes like 'So Far Gone'. Following his certified, classic debut 'Thank Me Later' Drake hasn't rested on his success. From welcome guest spots (like Y.M. partner Nicki Minaji's 'Moment 4 Life') to finding more mixtape gems (the TLC sampling 'I Get Lonely Too') Drizzy Drake has kept the records rolling. This Summer though has seen the Toronto rapper/singer/actor mark his territory with some sublime singles en route to the release of this years sophomore set 'Take Care'. The man's latest smooth, mellow yellow, laid-back but deep, introspective rap/R&B work is so good, we had to honor him thrice for honing his own unique style and sound. First came the night out analysing 'Marvin's Room' where Drake tells a women on the phone "F#@$ that £"$%&* that you love so bad, I know you still think about the times we had" and makes it all sound so good. Then there's the tense 'Trust Issues' whose chorus' and bridge where so good they where re-used and reinvented for the Rick Ross and Lil' Wayne assisted DJ Khaled track 'I'm On One'. Finally the fresh and popular 'Dreams Money Can Buy' is affording even more realities for this top-draw talent. With more to come, whatevers next? One things for sure Drake keeps giving you all he's got. Time to show appreciation. Your welcome. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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