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Wednesday, 24 August 2011



4 stars as 'Tha Carter' goes fourth.

It's here. Lil' Wayne, aka 'Tha Carter' has released what everyone's been waiting for in the form of the fourth installment of his classic series following the night of the 2011 'American Music Awards' on August 29th, breaking ground and history. In 2008 the classic 'Tha Carter III' struck platinum three times over, so maybe four strikes or more will be made from 'Tha Carter IV', which follows many memorable mixtapes (most recently notable, 'Sorry 4 Tha Wait') and the real 'Rebirth' and out of this world 'I Am Not A Human Being Album'.

If you thought the '3Peat' beginning of his last album was a big opener then check out how Weezy F. Baby goes for his fourth ring on the 'intro' (which continues a classic beat throughout the 'interludes' and 'outro') and 'Blunt Blowin' as he smokes the competition. Then on 'Megaman' Wayne gets real big and hard over perfect production from the songs namesake. The single '6 Foot, 7 Foot' really takes things higher as this monster track shows more change coming Young Money's way in the form of the machine-gun flow of Corey Gunz. Then the man with 'No Ceilings' hits the roof with 'Nightmares of the Bottom', which he unleashed during his 'Unplugged' session. With lyrics like "Sleepin’ at the top, nightmares of the bottom/Everybody wanna be fly til you swat ‘em/But who am I to talk? I ain’t s******’ roses/We in in the same picture but we all got different poses/I’m looking in my rear view, I see the world in it" what else can you do but give the man the throne that Jay-Z and Kanye have been watching?

Speaking of collaborative albums, Weezy and his favourite Young Money son Drake are set to release one and if the latest single 'She Will' is anything to go by it's going to be huge, especially with Drake on sizzling, drizzling form. That long awaited, highly anticipated T-Wayne album also sounds promising with the T-Pain collaboration 'How To Hate'. You've got to love it. Now usually 'interludes' on rap albums are a worthy of a skip but not when it comes to Wayne and when it comes with Andre 3000. These rap outcasts are welcome here. The street single 'John' with Rick Ross is another great collaboration by the two hottest rappers in the game who have shared countless verses on wax.

Then things get real lyrical on 'Abortion' and then 'So Special' with John Legend on a heaven sent, different but 'G.O.O.D.' music collaboration. This uplifting jam really is something special. The acoustic, envelope twanging 'How To Love' is already huge and the single signifies yet another rebirth for the guitar hero. The inauguration of 'President Carter' really elects the best of Wayne's potential as he gets presidential and premier with Jimmy. Things get real great with 'It's Good' as the best rapper alive brings Drake back with lyrical legend Jadakiss to lock it down before the 'Outro', which brings more legends in the form of Nas, Busta Rhymes (who goes back hard to the 'sick' old days), Shyne (great to hear from him again) and Bun B for some great lyrics to go.

As this rapper and this album get deluxe Wanye reflects with 'I Like The View' and the magnificent 'Mirror' with lyrical legend Bruno Mars that are more than just a bonus. Then after taking a last 'Two Shots' the rapper finishes up another great album that goes down smooth. This album is missing nothing-even if some Stan like fans wanted the homage 'Dear Anne' to make the cut-this CD's got everything. It's another classic that may not be as diverse as the third 'Carter', but more consistent and ultimately on par. Expect the hardest working rappers latest long album to keep playing and playing until the fans demand the fifth installment of this legendary series of albums that are becoming as valuable a franchise as the Cash Money Millionaires themselves. Baby, you've got to love it. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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