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Wednesday, 24 August 2011



The Game really has begun again.

The Game really has changed and come a long way in hip-hop since his 'Documentary' debut. The 'Doctor's Advocate' has had a few turbulent years after his G-Unit and 'Aftermath' departure but his music hasn't suffered as a result. Just listen to the air space of 'LAX' or his countless multitudes of mixtapes for reference. Now in 2011 The Game is back playing with the 'Aftermath' franchise and that means that Dr. Dre's protegee is back indeed with the good doctor. Still more ups and downs and waiting has occurred, but now the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited 'The R.E.D. Album' has hit shelves ready to colour the world of hip-hop.

As Game sees red, Dre is back on the boards and the interludes telling Game's story as his 'Documentary' starts back up and airs again. The Los Angeles rapper opens proceedings with the deep, dynamic track 'The City' featuring Kendrick Lamar which really brings the cool and the atmosphere out of this California city and it's rap son's latest. Then Game takes a 'Drug Test' with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre and you know with these names that it's all going to come out positive. On 'Martians vs. Goblins' the rapper goes out this world and crazy with Lil' Wayne and Tyler The Creator two lyrical creatures.

Lil' Wayne joins Chuck Taylor for the Cool & Dre produced single 'Red Nation' as the pair lace up their lyrical genius they really get cool on this scarlet strong rally cry. As Weezy leads the chorus Game reinforces his love for his mentor Dre saying "before I turn on him, I'll kill Satan"! Then the rapper invest in more Young Money in the form of top rapper Drake for the great 'Good Girls Go Bad'. Then on the hard-hitting 'Ricky' this boy from the hood gets cinematic. Expect more movie worthy moments on 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly', where the wild west leader shows he has more lyrical bullets in his gun.

Then on 'Heavy Artillery' Game brings an artillery of big rappers literally with Rick Ross and Beanie Siegel. Than super-charged, energy rapper Young Jeezy assists on 'Paramedics' to breathe new life into the track. Game then heads south to put the 'Speakers On Blast' with E-40 and Outkast Big Boi and what comes from this journey is a record that will sound so good in your car...just make sure your tops down. Following this the tough Compton rapper softens up for the radio with some real, gutter R&B. 'Hello' with Lloyd is a welcome number, while 'All The Way Gone' with Mario and Wale really takes things further. Still however it's 'Pot Of Gold' with Chris Brown that helps find this star another platinum worthy single.

Then Game finishes up strong with 'All I Know', 'Born In The Trap' and the awake state of, 'California Dream'. Still it's his pop crossover 'Mama Knows' with Canadian superstar Nelly Furtado that really takes things further then California and rap music. It's tracks like this that show the diversity of this 20 track long, dynamic album that's set to dominate the rap sheets for all the right reasons. Back in the scope of 'Interscope' this rapper is seeing more then red, he's seeing the bright future in hip-hop that he's created himself. The aftermath is going to be huge. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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