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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Before Kanye West was making albums with Jay-Z, dropping his beautiful, dark and twisted fantasy's, while mining diamonds out of Rocafella and getting stronger and stronger he was a college dropout and its this classic album that's arguably his finest and most poignant work that he has produced. An album who's interludes were even inspiring, literally changing the rap game and the sound of modern music. From literally spitting 'Through The Wire' and lamenting how love 'All Falls Down' the Lauryn Hill inspired rapper strapped on his backpack and brought hip-hop's conscious to a platinum level. Nowadays he proclaims "can we get much higher" and he sure did with the highest praise of 'Jesus Walks', the relatively real and beautiful 'Family Business' and the true beautiful struggle on 'Spaceship'. He also brought Talib Kweli and the artist he helped resurrect in Common for the ultimate posse cut in 'Get Em' High', before dropping some live food for thought with the latter for Dave Chappelle. If that wasn't enough he did it for the kids ('We Don't Care'), got epic and most 'def' ('Two Words') and he gave us some great workout music and the truest tribute to 'Slow Jamz' with Twista and a scene stealing Jamie Foxx. Before breathing in and out, showing his 'School Spirit' and making the last call Kanye also collaborated with mentor Jay-Z for the massive 'Never Let Me Down'. A song that remained a precursor of more this to come and still the best song the two greatest rappers alive have made. Truly classic. The kid that took everyone else to school graduated. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


  1. Fantastic review. Inspired me to go back and give this album another listen, where where you when he dropped out of college?

  2. Probably doing the same hahaha, thanks so much for your kind words Marty! You the man!