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Sunday, 7 August 2011


This week see's the release of Jay-Z and his labelmate/protegee release their long awaited, highly, hotly anticipated collaborative album 'Watch The Throne'. So as the two best rappers today get it together lets look back at at time Jay-Z joined forces with another power player in the urban music world back in 2002. Jay joined up with R&B's best R. Kelly for the hyped album 'The Best of Both Worlds'. Now although the album didn't live up to expectations and their sequel and 'Unfinished Business' resulted in more problems, this was still a decent disc. The title track 'The Best of Both Worlds' was just huge and epic and ranks amongst the biggest things either megastar has done (you can tell because of how well it was received at Jay-Z's mecca, Madison Square Garden gig back in '03) and 'Take You Home With Me a.k.a. Body' is another great Rap/R&B smash that most artists wish they would have in their catalogues. Still maybe it's due to both sides extensive sets that this album paled in comparison, or maybe the chemistry just wasn't as set as it was before (see Jay's 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' or R. Kelly's 'Fiesta (Remix)'). Still, however the album does have some real nice plays, from the two coming together on 'Break Up To Make Up', to the groundwork of 'The Streets'. 'Shorty', 'It Aint Personal', 'Get This Money' and the Bee Gee's sampling 'Honey' where also some sweets jams but overall this album disappointed many. It was good, it just wasn't as great as everyone expected. Still Jay can make that all right this week as him and his little brother Kanye West look to show how well they relate by giving us the real best of both worlds. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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