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Friday, 12 August 2011


'Just By Chance' are one band you really have to come across. Don't take any chances on missing out on the sweet, serene sound of an amazing acoustic duo for the ages. Boyfriend and girlfriend Andy Jones and Liz Owen have come together for a perfect partnership in sound. These two folks are some great musicians. Musicians that both pays respect to past performers all whilst paving their own path. The pairs 'Four Steps Forward EP' really looks to take them even further, from the beautiful, professional literal artwork, to the creative control of the four, formidable tracks.

It all begins with the single-worthy 'Believe Me', that reaffirms the belief in a pair who have cemented their serious status through an extensive, exhaustive list of live shows. 'Learn To Crawl' is an upbeat feeling number that shows these two rising talents aren't taking baby steps, while the terrific 'Tattoo's' inks their reputation which is getting bigger by the gig and now this record. The EP concludes with the live favourite 'Let Them Be' which shows just how good this group can really be. With note perfect vocal harmonies, sweet string work and charming chemistry this creative match wasn't left up to chance. It was meant to be. It's clear these two will be together for a long time. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


  1. Many, many thanks, all the credits due to this great group though!