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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


WALE-THE ALBUM ABOUT NOTHING: "Wale"? Questions everyone around iconic comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a Manhattan strip club as he lists his 'Top Five' rappers in his classic cameo in the new rolling Chris Rock movie. Little did they know of the relationship between the former sitcom star and the D.C. rapper. Before top albums like 'Attention Deficit', 'Ambition' and 'The Gifted', Washington's wunderkind released a series of mixtapes ('The Mixtape About Nothing' and 'More About Nothing') based on the hit, legendary show 'Seinfeld'. Complete with awesome artwork inspired by T.V.'s best billing and some sampled interludes of stand-up genius. Now despite Jerry being ready since the last album (you all heard the outro right?), the two finally collaborate on an album and from the titles to the artwork its a classic tribute once again. With formidable J. Cole and Usher features, a superb Janet Jackson sample and some chop and screw, this is a candidate for album of the year. Especially with Jerry Seinfeld's new and original, hilarious recorded interludes. Just listen to him compare being engaged to riding a rollercoaster. You'll be screaming. This is a collaboration marriage made in heaven. Riding the baselines as sick as a Seinfeld between scene guitar, Wale really is top five right now, as of right now. We just hope in more ways than one there's a reunion. 4/5.

LUDACRIS-LUDAVERSAL: Pumping the nitrus and accelerator on his career vehicle, Chris Bridges has become quite the big bucks movie star. You can thank the runaway 'Fast and Furious' franchise for keeping him on that track. Still changing lanes back to his original game, Luda returns to music to reclaim the rap throne. It sure has been a long time since his last album 'Battle Of The Sexes'. Even longer since his greatest 'Theatre Of The Mind'. With 'Ludaversal' he takes us all around the world however, taking Usher, Monica, John Legend and Rick Ross along for the rolling ride. Standouts include the beat and sample stacks of 'Money', the fresh beat knocking 'This Has Been My World' and the hot lines back and forth on 'Burning Bridges'. It's clear in the game again, Ludacris is back like it was the first time all over again. Nobody is burning Bridges now! Unlike his out the ballpark, fielded new hit 'Grass Is Greener', it appears even with his foray into films, this side is the one that will always bloom. Next to his front lawn lays a 'Fast and Furious' ride that may be parked, but still has plenty more under the hood. 3.5/5

KENDRICK LAMAR-TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY: This good kid has come a long way from that mad city. Looks like there's still a lot of petrol left in this van and you needn't worry about the Dominos. Now pimping on, Dre's protégée floats like a butterfly as this new Ali of the rap rings gets all G-funky on the sort of zoned out, middle of the nights, headphone music. This album isn't a departure from his last classic, its just a down low, chilled out vibe that everyone will feel eventually, from 'U' to 'I' and all the other classic tracks inbetween. The boom beat of 'King Kunta' knocks like the 'zoo, zoop' of a 6'4. The sweet juice of 'The Blacker The Berry' is joined by more poured out liquor tributes to the game on this masterpiece. One that mixed funk and spoken word...and of course jazz. Jazz being the behind the notes art form that encompasses more than what would be the usual restrictions of a genre. A genre that influences and inspires the greatest modern games of basketball and rap. And this pimp is balling, spreading his wings and evolving like a butterfly from a caterpillar. 2Pac. 4/5. TIM DAVID HARVEY.