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Sunday, 24 July 2011


Björk may just be the greatest, single reason that music these days continues to push the creative envelope so brilliantly by every record. To the letter the Icelandic singer defines phrases like 'versatile', 'unique' and 'ground-breaking'. She's done everything from songs Sinatra would be proud of ('It's Oh So Quiet') to albums comprised of nothing but vocal instrumentation (the incredible 'Medúlla'). The sweet singer is even moving with the times by making music features for ipads and expect a brand new album for the first time in four years in the coming months ('Biophilia'). Still all this success started with the singers incredible 'Debut'. Björk's first album was creative, fun, daring and 'pop' all at the same time as it man-slaughtered the mainstream and showed the charts what real music was back in the golden age of 1993. This woman's work consisted of her classic 'Venus As A Boy' and the first, sensational, favourite single 'Human Behaviour'. After the first two hits cemented her status, the following singles ('Play Dead', 'Big Time Sensuality' and 'Violently Happy') did nothing but further engrave her lasting legacy in music. Shifting between so many genres that Kate Bush would find it hard to keep up, this disc wasn't just single worthy, the album tracks where classics too. From the beautiful 'Crying' to the uplifting 'Aeroplane' and the sweetly sublime 'Come To Me'. One of the song's most audibly appealing and boundary pushing songs however had to be 'There's More to Life Than This', which was recorded live in the 'Milk Bar' toilets. This song just like the whole album showed that Björk can turn any experimental style into great music. It's been a long time but this album lasts. When it comes to this timeless talent we can't wait to hear what she's got in store next. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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