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Sunday, 24 July 2011


The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


ANDRE 3000-ALL TOGETHER NOW: Three Stacks brings us a Beatles classic-in his own unique style-for a great Kobe Bryant 'Nike' ad.

DRAKE-MARVIN'S ROOM: Deep, dark and possibly one of the Toronto M.C.'s most shining moments. His laid back flow doesn't get much cooler than this.

COMMON Feat NAS-GHETTO DREAMS: Last 'Tape Deck' we gave them a special and it's all because of this great new track, which sounds and even looks (check the artwork) like an old-school nighties hit.

NAS-NASTY: Nas is no slouch on his new single either, taking it back once more to his nastier, lyrical days.

SNOOP DOGG Feat KANYE WEST & JOHN LEGEND-EYEZ CLOSED: The man with the greatest longevity in rap comes back with another funky, unreleased hit with some G.O.O.D music on his side.


THE BEATLES-ALL TOGETHER NOW: If you don't like Andre 3k's take then realise why nothing beats an original.

LIL' WAYNE-KOBE BRYANT: Speaking of Kobe, nothing tops this tribute to the LA Lakers and NBA legend.

NAS-HALFTIME: staying with the basketball and original, old-school theme, its songs like this that made Nas such an icon himself in the nighties.

COMMON SENSE-RESURRECTION: When he had more 'sense' (in his name that is) Com' was also a big star in the nighties. This classic off the album of the same name and compliment.

SNOOP DOGG-LODI DODI: And finally its songs like this that helped Snopp's legacy turn into legendary longevity. Here covering Slick Rick as perfectly as Andre has done with the fab four. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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