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Sunday, 22 January 2012


With one swing the greatest American singer/songwriter defies age and once again comes back with a tailor-made, worn jeans and boots rock record for the blue collars of all ages. With one swing this man brings his old seventies and new millennium style together to produce another timeless classic. With one swing this man brings 'Born To Run' and 'Working On A Dream' to a new record. With one swing this man echo's the spirit of the late, great big man Clarence Clemons. With one swing this man brings E Street back to the main street. With one swing this man unites Chicago, New Orleans, the shotgun shack and the Superdome. With one swing the man that played the last gig in the N.Y. Giants stadium brings another thundering, swinging rock tune ready to fill arenas. With one swing this man could bring down the Superbowl again. With one swing this man gets those in London ready for 'Hard Rock Calling' and those around the world ready for the tour. With one swing this man gives us the first great song of 2012 and the most anticipated album of its first quarter. With one swing this man, this spokesman for troubled times and the everyman carries the flag and takes care of his own. With one swing of the 'Wrecking Ball' Bruce Springsteen returns. The Boss is back. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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