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Friday, 3 February 2012


Sam Cooke isn't just one of the greatest soul singers ever, he's also one of the greatest artists of all-time...period. As one of the best showmen to ever grace the microphone this 'Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963' concert album is not only one of the best live performances and C.D.'s but one of music's greatest albums, making all the top and must-hear lists. Displaying his sex appeal, charisma, charm, spirit and all-round good guy nature Cooke takes us everywhere the heart beats in just over a half-hour. With a distorted mic and a sense of how cramped this club was, this raw sound is renowned as one of the best performances ever from everyone from live favourite Rod Stewart to Hollywood director Michael Mann, who used singer David Elliott to portray the cinematic feel of this concert to give an epic intro to his classic, Will Smith picture 'Ali'. The bold and beautiful performance of 'Bring It On Home' was used here as was the interlude before it, as Cooke seamlessly went from song to song singing interludes and stories about his baby in melody, making them feel and be sought after as and like individual songs. With all due respect to the soul of James Brown (rest peacefully) this recording is even more alive, emphatic and energetic from the 'Soul Twist' introduction to the 'Having A Party' continuing outro. Designed to make you feel good and stirring the soul this legend cemented his legacy from start to finish on record. Just listen, ever harmony, hum and bar is note perfect. Oh yeah! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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