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Wednesday, 4 July 2012



More Than Big Enough.

Lianne La Havas captured the heart and soul of my love for music the moment I lent her my ears as she performed perfectly on the BBC's 'Later With Jools Holland' show live late last year. It wasn't just me who caught on as American folk giants Bon Iver-who performed on the same program-picked up on how this 22 year old from London was stealing the spotlight and the show. Following this live performance, the singer-with shades of Corinne Bailey Rae and Erykah Badu (her Facebook page shows she's recently met her she loved her (and I'm talking about Badu))-earned herself a supporting gig on the great Iver's American tour. In concert with more hype, buzz and exposure Lianne La Havas debut album 'Is Your Love Big Enough' is ready to make even more noise and news than her sought-after 'Lost & Found' and 'Live In L.A.' E.P.'s.

If you haven't fallen in love with Lianne where have you been? This album will change all that however and show just how big your love really is with an eclectic, sonic boom. There's no bust here from the supply of the in-demand singer. Like the funky album title-track or the 'Lost & Found' E.P. top title track and it's undeniable big 'No Room For Doubt' feature with Willy Mason. 'Is Your Love Big Enough' is a debut of decadence and dominance. The tried and tested, Jools performed 'Age' about love with an older man lasts here on this album showing it's the kind of classic that will keep well like fine wine.

The album opens and pushes the envelope with the evoking and awakening 'Don't Wake Me Up'. Still it's the movie making moments of 'Au Cinema' that truly direct the silver linings of La Havas songwriting craft. 'Forget' is another beautiful track you certainly won't. Remember the name Lianne La Havas because in a matter of time she'll be one of the best and this song will be a nostalgic classic. Just like the unavoidable 'Elusive' or the all-encompassing, so good you have to name it twice 'Everything, Everything' which really tells it all.

'Gone' is another grace filled, gorgeous, great track while the taunts of 'Tease Me' keep the interest levels of this singers charismatic talent alive. The album finishes up perfectly by the approval of the 'love against the world' number 'They Could Be Wrong' and the perfect scathing send-off of 'Hey, That's Not How You Say Goodbye' showing both sides, good and bad, in equal great measures. Some live takes are an added bonus to the iTunes deluxe edition. As Lianne brings France even more romance with some incredible captured performances in Paris. The live set-list of 'Arms Of Danger', 'Solo' and 'He Loves Me' deserve their own studio time like 'Forget'.

As incredible as Lianne La Havas is vocally, the songwriter is just as skilled as working the guitar strings. What results is a cohesive, varied set with no filler. With an album as beautiful as its singer it's clear to hear and see that today's music industry need more folk like Lianne La Havas. Bringing the heart, soul and depth back to a mainstream that has been treading shallow water for all too long Lianne is the next star. La Havas should be right there with the best. Let's just hope an industry that so often gets it wrong does the right thing and give this singer what she deserves. Is their love big enough? It should be. God help us if its not. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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