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Thursday, 13 September 2012


To mark the release of Tyrese's new rap mixtape 'Invisible Bully-The Lost Tapes' by his alter-ego Black-Ty and the announcement of his Rap/R&B double album 'Black Rose' coming next year, this weeks 'Tape Deck Shuffle' is a Tyrese/Black-Ty special. Side A is R&B, Side B, Rap.


ONE-First and foremost the biggest, best hit.

SWEET LADY-The track that made Tyrese's career really sing, like stepping on a bus for Coca-Cola.

TAKEOVER-Current album favorite off 'Open Invitation' and exactly what this multi-talented, multi-platinum star is doing. "I'm a show you that I'm that man".

STAY (REMIX) Featuring FAITH EVANS & RICK ROSS. Bang the Bad Boy, 'Warriorz' bottles together. It's the remix of Ty's latest, greatest hit.

I'M SORRY-Those who ever doubted this versatile, incredible talent owes an apology.


ROSES-The track that confirmed it, Black can rap.

TAKING FOREVER-the original rap before Black-Ty. Tyrese's lament to trying to succeed and the blocks in the way of the road...well he's finally made it...and made it big.

BABY GIRL Featuring GLENN LEWIS-Over Timbaland style baby beats, the star of 'Baby Boy' gets devoted with Glenn Lewis.

FLY AWAY Featuring KURUPT-With his West Coast partner in rhyme, Tyrese asks for inspiration and gives it back on a make or break track.

ALTER-EGO Featuring TYRESE-And finally he collaborates with himself as the two Alter-Ego's off the original double album go to war, split over personality. Peace guys together you both shine. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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