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Friday, 28 February 2014



Impeccable He.

Boy this is going to be Pharrell Williams' year, and you thought last years nostalgic chart domination was his time like when his Neptunes production partnership with Chad Hugo dominated every artist and airwave from Jay-Z to Justin Timberlake in the early new millennium of out of this world sound (Kelis', 'Caught Out There', Britney Spears' 'Boys', Busta Rhymes' 'Pass The Courvoiser Part II', N* Sync 'Girlfriend', Nelly 'Hot In Heere', Snoop Dogg 'Beautiful' and No Doubt's 'Hella Good' are just a tip of the Grammy caps legendary legacy). The two biggest songs of last year where easily Daft Punk's electronic 'Get Lucky' and Robin Thicke's sexed-up 'Blurred Lines' featuring Niles Rodgers and T.I. respectively, but neither songs would have been the hits they are without the production of Pharrell's trademark falsetto vocal hooks. Add an Oscar to those Grammy's like his name was Jamie Foxx because Pharrell yet again starred in last years biggest and longest hit movie and sequel, 'Despicable Me 2' from the studio booth. The one in a minion sound of mellow yellow fun that saw him score both popular and pop powerful soundtracks. No wonder he's so "haaaappppy". This is the musical genius and studio study work that his left the heights of his career feeling like "a room without a roof". These are his fun, Fonz 'Happy Days', rocking around the clock, putting his record in the jukebox, hitting play, taking a Summer's lawn chair and sitting on it.

Now throw the vulcan hand-gesture, because the neo-soul, genre bending funk of this young artist prince is about to be king of the radio once again as he boldly goes where no urban artist has gone before with his 'Star Trak's'. After many great 'Rock Star' N.E.R.D. albums this music 'Provider' made his solo start on The Neptunes 'Clones' compilation with his 'Frontin' classic with Jay-Z (who owes a lot of his best hits to Mr. Williams). Then in 2006 after his magnificent 'Mamacita' moment for 'The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift' he turned a corner and took us further 'In My Mind' with his first go-it-alone album. With the Kanye West assisted 'Number One' and the Gwen Stefani featuring 'Can I Have It Like That', no doubt this was a hit album from 'Angel' and 'That Girl' to appearances from Nelly and Slim Thug. This Grammy worthy foray into rap showed his sublime, lyrical lavishing skill like on the 'Maybe (Remix)' that saw him freestyle over Outkast's classic 'Elevators' beat with some inspired career introspection ("I got a cult following, N*E*R*D is far from Pop G/No radio, light spins since the video drop see/I'm the turbion of this shit, like Mozart and Bach B"). Now with his second album 'G I R L', prince Pharrell fills the spaces with his formidable and fantastic falsetto which is his diamonds and pearls career making bread and butter. A 10 track spread of gorgeous gems, this is the perfect produced, sleepy soul, feel-good album to spring you straight into Summer like a good start to March always walks forward to. There clouds aren't even a ceiling for this 'Happy', 'Get Lucky' guy who no longer pushes the envelope, but signs, seals and delivers it to planet Neptune.

Not to be 'Frontin' or anything but 'Happy' just may be Pharrell's biggest hit yet and possibly the chart-topper of 2014. You don't need a 'Beats By Dre' or car commercial, or even a 'Despicable Me' hit to truly see and hear that. This fun frolic is an Oscar winning sure-thing that will keep everyone dancing and smiling all the way through the next Winter blues. As Skateboard P flows through dedications we should all follow like "happiness is the truth", walking the walk alongside the likes of Lakers Basketball legend Magic Johnson and Hollywood megastar singer/comedian Jamie Foxx he smiles through "nothing bringing him down" with a personality that could even eclipse the purple and gold, sunshine smile of Magic or could out-fox the laugh-a-minute joy of 'Ray's' Jamie. It doesn't shine brighter than this, but then again the whole of this album is forecasted in this same positive weather vane. From it's sexy, spa relaxing, sunglasses and robe, perfume ad/cool as a shaken not stirred 007 inspired artwork cover to it's instant classic replay ability this is one of those ten track record that are just perfect. Redefining himself and music like he was the definition last year it's hard to believe this young giant is 40 with the look and the feel of his still relevant sound which owns a iTunes library worthy catalogue in its songbook self. Describing this album as feminism positive Mr. Williams looks to be the perfect gentleman and shake off those 'Blurred Lines' controversy from the naked classic and it's blurred pornography video which has led to some troubled times trade-off for new soul star come mega star Robin Thicke. Stating that the world is about to be 75% run by women the same can be said for 'G I R L' with its starlet 'Marylin Monroe' Hollywood opening with Kelly Osbourne's backing and a great, popular new single duet with Alicia Keys ('Know Who You Are') and the twerking of Miley Cyrus ('Come Get It Bae') of all people.

From JoJo and Leah Belle to Tori Kelly there are even more featured contributions to this albums and the names get bigger with Justin Timberlake and Timbalands beat-boxing on 'Brand New' and Daft Punk returning the electronic pop, eclectic dance favour on the android dreaming 'Gust Of Wind'. Hold on to your electric sheep because there's more to this industry blade runner then meets the Academy certified eye. Legendary movie composer of the 'Dark Knight' trilogy, '12 Years A Slave' and practically ever other film that Pharrell's not composing Hans Zimmer adds his seriously amazing string arrangement to this classic making it feel all the more cinematic. The two composers of different trades may about to duke it out for the gold, but here coming together they show their mastered styles mesh sublimely. The simple pleasure but superstar measures of P-Will's board work give his production values much more credits for his billboard and record-book accreditation. The man of the moment owns it like a GQ, Rolling Stone cover star aways imprints. Even when Pharrell goes it truly solo behind his hallmark beats by P production, on his vinyl scavenger hunt for terrific tracks like 'Hunter', the glorious, sweeping 'Gush' and the Monroe concluding 'It Girl'. To go along with the true princess crowning of 'Lost Queen' and its fantastic 'Freq' inspired interlude Mr. Collaborator proves he doesn't need a little help from the friends he helps first to star foremost. With his second real solo album and the truest to his signature sound, this 'B O Y' shows its all about Pharrell. They call hi 'pha-real', because he's the truth remember? Happy now? TIM DAVID HARVEY.


  1. I love his song "Happy"! It's incredibly catchy. Can't wait to buy my copy of G I R L tomorrow.

    1. Thank you for the comment enjoy the album! Hope it makes you haappppppppppppppppy!!!