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Monday, 28 July 2014


Brandy's affinity with British rock band Coldplay goes together as smooth and well as her drinking namesake and a cold glass of ice. So soulful in fact with every sip. From the first take on her amazing 'Afrodisiac' comeback album for 'The Boy Is Mine' and 'What About Us' singing cousin of Ray-J, we know this influence was as diverse as former Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitar god John Frusciante crediting her and the Wu Tang Clan as his harmonic and song writing and crafting inspirations for 'Stadium Arcadium', his last album with the band. On the album that gave us the classic 'Talk About Our Love' with Kanye West, B-Rock said she needed "to hear some new Coldplay" on the album track 'I Tried', whilst referencing 'Sparks', before she and producer Timbaland sampled one of the worlds biggest groups greatest hits in 'Clocks', for 'Should I Go'. The closing track being Brandy Norwood's most personal and powerful song to date, detailing what could have been the end of her relationship with the industry. Now with Coldplay riding high on a 'Sky Full Of Stars' with their new 'Ghost Stories' classic album, Brand has covered the single 'Magic' with her own Earvin Johnson tricks of the trade for a pure spell blinding track that is trending enough positive Twitter reception to lead to a new single and album itself. From the Beatles to new rubber soul, R&B acts have been covering British bands for years...but not like this. Not with this timbre and vocal tender tenor. Not making us breathe and believe every lyric like "and I just got broken, broken into two" with so much more feeling. Its rare and almost blasphemy to say a cover is better than the original, but just like Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' or Ryan Adams' 'Wonderwall', Brandy owns this cold play with her own haunting take of this ghost story. Now that's true magic. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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