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Thursday, 11 September 2014



Punk, Drunk, Luck.

One year before this writer was born came the year that inspired Ryan Adams' latest record in 2014, as this writer on the precipice of 30 looks up to a musical inspiration right at the door of 40. Still we're not talking about 'Ryan Adams' the new self titled classic from the acclaimed American singer/songwriter who 14 years into his career has released his 14th album. As incredible as that is and its inspired 'Gimme Something Good' single and 'Feels Like Fire' song, we're actually talking about '1984'. '1984' being the name of his limited edition vinyl release, a week teasing prior that felt like record store day. Following in the legendary legacy steps of Springsteen whose January 'High Hopes' release was followed by an 'American Beauty' vinyl extended play, Ryan even sounds like the boss owning a myriad of vocal styles and impressions. This is because '1984' is an ode to that years time of punk music and the Whiskeytown country star that's even released a heavy metal album ('Orion') shows he has as many punk stylings as crossover alt-pop ones. Like a Sex Pistol bullet to the brain this half hour record splits your head in two. But never mind that bollocks, this album is just nuts! As much acclaim as his new full length L.P. is getting, some fan purists see this one as just as great...if not better. It's certainly a different animal, razor sharp and quick with tracks puncuated by screaming and broken glass. 'When The Summer Ends' this Pax Am 7 inch series will still be playing to the fall acoustic, 'Ashes and Fire' of Winter. It's just that hardcore. When the needle drops to the groove this record scratches the soul of the stereo. A 'Bones and Ash' concise classic 'Over and Over', '1984' just may be the moment of this young legends conception. Do you feel it? This punk is truly lucky. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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