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Thursday, 20 November 2014


What The Funk!

Hallelujah! Just like the young Michael Jackson sings to the girls in this video, we can rejoice in pure joy and fun again like the good ole days. As Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars go uptown with the funk, real music is back my friends, just like the seventies. All the way from Motown to Uptown Harlem.

'Ooh Wee' Mark Ronson is bringing it back with his new album coming next year, featuring everyone including the legend that is Stevie Wonder. But for now with a Little Stevie we have a new Uptown anthem with 'Uptown Funk' where Ronson and pop prince Bruno Mars take it out of this world as they "give it to ya". Following their collaborations on 'Moonshine', 'Gorilla' and the monster, mega hit 'Locked Out Of Heaven' the pair are on 'call the brigade' fire. So much so that Bruno boasts that he makes "a dragon want to retire". This song can even smoke Smaug. Mars attacks like '96!

Now if you thought the bass, synth and hook catchy throwback single was funkier fun than Chadwick Boseman playing James Brown then wait until you get on up in the video. Set on an uptown New York street of seventies style, Mars and his gang are fresher then the day Westside Story came out. Decked in a pink suit jacket like a Pimp Panther and Elvis walking in front of a stretch, white limo the only thing cooler than this video is the 'Smooth Criminal' footwork as Mars moves and shake writes a cheque whilst his right hand man tips his drink off. Only the new soul star and pop power player can make getting your hair permed in a salon as cool as getting your shoes shined by old men who cant help but sing "hot damn" along to funky number that's catchier then the common cold in flu season. This is the new, New Jack Swing, no diggity, no doubt. The chart topper is back to claim his billboard throne.

Don't believe him? Just watch!

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