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Sunday, 22 February 2015


February hasn't just been a Superbowl month for All-Stars and Oscars. Some Grammy favourites have also given us some gold. Lets look at the top albums of the month.

BOB DYLAN-SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT: Old Blue Eyes I tell you, the 36th album from the 73 year old just may be one of the American singer/songwriters best. As this time Dylan delves into Sinatra's songbook for some signature styling's from the chairman of the board. To be Frank, Dylan haunts us his way with 'Shadows In The Night', echoing the reflection of his dark, Shakespearian depths on his last 'Tempest' release. Here with some sweet songs, numbered to the days and dates of decades gone, the gruff voice of Bob shows real beauty in the footsteps of Frank. The voice of a man that once proclaimed "I cant sing" (to a kind of a, "well duh!" response) hasn't sounded this grand and great in years. Highlights of this ten track, half hour include, 'The Night We Called It A Day", "Autumn Leaves' and 'Full Moon, Empty Arms", let alone the whole beautiful biopic of an album. Now we just want to hear all 23 Sinatra songs that were recorded in Los Angeles legendary Capitol Records building. How about another night of shadows? 5/5.

DRAKE-IF YOU'RE READING THIS IT'S TOO LATE: Surprise...well not really. A week and change after Drake released his latest offering out of nowhere to Spotify records and incredible iTunes sales, we're the ones that are too late. But if you're reading this, know we love Drake like the part owner of the Toronto Raptors loves his Canadian city...and boy do we do too. The T-Dot's exclamation like a Kyle Lowrey play, Point Guard Quarterbacks the perfect way to buzz bring out a new record in this hype man driven, hip-hop and music as a whole mainstream world. Octobers very own makes February his home and man is it great too. Even if from the legacy making 'Legend' intro to the hallmark '6AM In New York' closer, this grumpy Graham is coarsely trying to convince us he's not the upset makings of the "emo" tagline given to him by critics, but instead a passionate rapper. Brooding over beats a'booming, the follow up to the deep 'Take Care' and dark 'Nothing Was The' same is another chorus barring real rappers delight. The only debate for the critically controversial Canadian now is if this is a mixtape or album? Still if his next release is anything like these 'Jungle', 'Wednesday Night' or 'Madonna' highlights, then this vogue rappers 'Views From The 6' will be greater than those from the CN Tower. 3.5/5.

NE-YO-NON-FICTION: Fact...even after more than 15 years since 'The Matrix', when it comes to R&B music, Ne-Yo is still the one. Non-Fiction....maybe Shania Twain should call him up, because the man whose written for everyone from Mary J. Blige to Marylin Manson proves it with his vivid versatility. Fact...the fact that he's now signed up with the Marvin and Stevie legendary Motown Records is no coincidence. Catching him outside the White House in Washington. D.C. just rehearsing for the Presidents Christmas party just proves this. Non-Fiction...the new album and the follow up to the real 'RED' proves it. Fact...this album is so sick...pun intended! Non-Fiction...just like 'Libra Scale' follows an updated M.J. like storybook theme from the greatest like Mike since Ginuwine and Usher. Fact...especially if you pick up the deluxe edition and its 'Everybody Loves', 'Why' and 'Ballerina' standouts. Non Fiction...but then there's always the likes of 'Run', 'Integrity', the T I. assisted 'One More' and the Jeezy amplified 'Money Can't Buy'. Fact...after classics like 'In My Own Words', 'Because Of You' and 'Year Of The Gentleman' Ne-Yo is back! Non-Fiction is just that truth telling in proving this. FACT! 3.5/5. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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