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Sunday, 26 June 2016



Fun Lovin' Rebels.

Walking down the crossing of the 'Abbey Road' The Beatles made instantly iconic during their final victory lap of rock that saw them unbelievably roll out classics like this, 'The White Album', 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Let It Be' in their last years, Paul McCartney famously went barefeet across a zebra crossing, on what would just be another street if it wasnt for rock and roll musics four horseman trying to chicken themselves to the other side one by one. But did you know because of the fact that he forgot his shoes many people believed and feared that Macca was dead? Call it prophercy, the sixties or just a wonder of supersition but it's true...well the fact that fans thought the band on the runs leaders writing was on the wall that is.

Did you know that R&B and urban soul princess Aaliyah-who was a million times the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna and still would be if still around today-was set to star in 'The Matrix' trilogy before she took that tragic, fateful flight after filming her 'Rock The Boat' video? The ahead of her time singer to the sonic Timbaland and Missy Elliott superfriend sound really was the future. Just think of how big the 'Try Again' singer would have been if we chose the red pill and she got to rock in leather for this science fiction Keanu classic. The star songtress had already made movies like 'Romeo Must Die' and 'Queen Of The Damned' much more famous than they would have been if this iconic leading lady wasn't in them. But this 'Matrix' revolution-despite the great job done by Jada Pinkett-Smith in her place-reminds us of just how much magic in movies and music Queen Liy-Liy still had left to give us.

Turning the electric neon of Times Square purple with his reign, Prince played a set in New York so stunning everyone turned their heads from the bright Coca Cola lights to looking up to a four foot in heels singer that when it came to live shows stood above them all...even the three hour, still dancing at Sixty Springsteen. Everybody wanted to see the late, great play so much so that some where left outside of this club just wishing their name was on the list. Even rock great Lenny Kravitz, guitar in hand who would one day record a duet album that when they wrapped would never see the light of day (we still hope won't after legal vultures cruelly drilled their way into Mr. Rodgers vault to mine money out of the dearly departeds personal, unreleased (intention or not) collection after his death, just days after he was laid to rest. Which die-hard fan or collector wanting for more or not is just wrong) after Prince told Lenny, "this is just for us" as their session ended. Kravitz couldn't even get in until a young New York waiter hitting the alley for a cigarette (smoke em' if you got em') showed him the way and announced him backstage for an audience with the Prince. Who knows if that was the meeting that opened the door on their collaboration of legend?!

What we do know is that this young New Yorker bussing tables was none other than Huey Morgan. The legendary singer of the N.Y.C. to the Soprano don core Fun Lovin' Criminals and quite possibly the coolest mother###### alive! No...not quite possibly...definitly. A man who now takes residence on these British Isles and on a B.B.C. radio show! And these stories he shares with us read like one of his extended radio interludes of inspiration and influence. We'd love to reveal more, but we'll let this man tell it as you read his book in his trademark voice as iconic as a Morgan Freeman or Matthew McConaughey drawl. Besides we don't want to spoil all you're about to learn from this genius. Keep this book up on the shelf as Huey gives you more than Scooby Snacks here as he gets into his life from the marines to the criminals, but would selflessly rather give it up to the greats that paved the way.

The true 'Rebel Heroes'. From Billie Holliday to Buddy Holly. Kurt Cobain to Amy Winehouse. Nina Simone to Tupac and of course the man that saved his life...Barry White...or was it got him back with his ex-wife?! This book is more than alright however, like his band it's an underrated classic that you think true music fans would lap up like real New Yorkers would his Criminals. In celebration of all the geniune 'Rebel Heroes' that made music and all its grand genres what they are, no One Direction, this is a real read from a man that doesn't just know music...he is music. N.S.F.K. Not suitable for Kardashian's, this beautiful books compelling chapters act like small biographies to every rebel heart and piece of musics soul that is paid tribute to across these profound pages. Excerpts perhaps less than 10 pages each that can even overturn the 600 strong prose from the pros and so called "experts" that have made their money off musicians that have yet to, or even never got the chance to write their memoirs. This is not what Morgan is out to do. This is one of rock and rolls best telling us about the rest and just how they came about being the artists and people they were. No shock and awe, inside papped gossip to sell copies. Just the real and raw truth of what made music music, before so called 'Idols' took all the talent. But Huey Morgan's 'Rebels' isn't just a nod to nostalgias friend. It's a call to arms for the next Dylan or Marvin to change the game again before we all get played...and that's the underlining message before more greats like Bowie join the Lennon Gods. We could be heroes...if we want it! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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