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Friday, 23 September 2016



Sound Of Da Best.

If you don't know KRS-One. You don't know hip-hop.

After last night Liverpool knows now as the legendary M.C. of B.D.P. hit Beatle-town with his class of the old-school, 80's legendary sound. Managing the mania as he bounded on stage as abruptly as he left it with a tight, no encore, shade under an hour and a half set that was all killer no filler. As a matter of fact one of the best rap shows even a hardcore head could ever see. No exaggeration necessary.

As Boogie Down Production's Kris got down you no longer needed a Baz Lurhman Netflix series to show you the roots of rap and just how good the golden age really was, as one of the eras most epic was right there in front of you, live in living color. As he dropped all sorts of 'Poetry' on the audience, taking them to a 'Higher Level' a hip-hop education (not to mention a real life one) was given to those too busy doing the boogie to remember just how much this living legend, top five lyricist (dead or alive) has actually produced. Old school class was most definitly in session.

Everyone knows the "WOOP! WOOP!" of the 'Sound Of Da Police' signature solo smash. But you don't need to even read more into the lyrics now to see just how more relevant this social commentary is today...still! You could see it in the fire of his eyes as this effervescent, energetic perfomer envoked the passions of all people concerned. But it was when he broke it down to the bare beatless bones of his best work and some formidable freestyles of introspective inspiration that KRS showed he really is the one. And real hip-hop personified in its pure performance. This was more than's poetry.

"Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live." KRS-One's legendary quote adorned the stage in a banner moment for the great who showed he was still living the only life he knew, 30 years down the line. His passion could not be denied as he annunciated every word and sucked the crowd in like a vacuum cleaner with every genius turn of phrase. And you could tell the Liverpool faithful were in it. Oohing and laughing at every smart line, shaking their head in wide-eyed, pleasant surprised disbelief (The "smell me" face was definitly the pose last night for the camera phone armed crowd urged to put the instant classics this rapper was dropping in freestyle form on Youtube for the record).

How could we forget? How does the industry neglect? A veteran still on top of his game. You could see it in the cipher like huddle that mosh pit enveloped him after the sensational set from the true school, where KRS took more selfies than the Oscars (KRS-Onesie anyone) in an impassioned but peaceful end to a concert he concluded with 'Criminal Minded's' legendary hit 'The Bridge Is Over'. That all may be. But this One will never be. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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