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Sunday, 2 January 2011


5/5. Nobody had a tougher comeback then this courageous and beautiful artist. Corrine Bailey Rae overcame her classic self-titled debut and her own personal, tragic troubles to unleash 'The Sea'. A soul record that not only was hers, twenty ten's and the U.K's, but one of the best soul albums ever drawn out. From the beautiful beginning of 'Are You Here' , Corrine reclaimed her place. The honest, and touching, 'I'd Do It All Again' is an incredibly poignant tribute and from there 'The Sea' is a stream of musical magic for the weak tides of the mainstream. She shows funk and soul diversity, ranging from 'The Blackest Lily', to 'Paper Dolls', all the way to 'Closer'. On the single 'Paris Nights/New York Mornings' Rae extends her reach, while on 'I Would Like To Call It Beauty' the singer deserves that very title. With 'Feels Like The First Time' this album feels so fresh and new, it may as well be Bailey's debut, as this LP even betters her classic, first outing. Still it's not until you put on the records, 'Love's On Its Way', 'Diving For Hearts' and the albums title track that you see how deep, beautiful and epic 'The Sea' can get. A delicate but decedant record of the decade, not just the year. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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