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Sunday, 2 January 2011


5/5. On his fourth solo set, rapper/actor Mos Def showed how mighty he really is. With 'The Ecstatic' Dante delivered a fit of enthusiasm, with one of the most definite, best hip-hop albums of the decade. The only thing left for debate now is which classic is Mos Deffest album? This or his hip-hop decedant, debut 'Black On Both Sides'? Every track on this LP are as diverse and classic as each other and anything we've heard from hip-hop in recent time (and I'm talking as recent as Adidas and gold chains). Speaking of which, Mos gets slick with Rick The Ruler on the grand, 'Auditiorium'. He also crafts 'History' with Black Star partner Talib Kweli and adds growth and water to some beautiful 'Roses' with Georgia Anne Muldrow. There are too many tracks, lines, lyrics and harmonies to mention, as this album is stellar from the first 'Supermagic' sip to the reassuring last draw of 'Casa Bey'. Both kinetic tracks would keep any hip-hop party or cipher spinning all day and night. From the socially, scaving conciousness of 'The Embassy', to the beauty of 'No Hay Nada Mas', this actor shows all elements and developments of his character. If it wasn't for an incredible year this album would be number one, but for a guy so Def it often plays like this. The industry can't ignore or fail to package Mos' record this time. This 'Quiet Dog Bite Hard' with his 'Life In Marvelous Times'. The time is overdue to make him a 'Priority', Kanye has. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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