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Wednesday, 2 February 2011



Some real love for February's best.

This track has been doing the rounds for months now within 'The Community' of a mixtape by Talib Kweli's 'Blacksmith' label. Still if the mainstream could maintain some quality they would do good by picking up on this record. 'The Bridge' covers the gap between Jean Grae's, real underground talent and the viability of it's commercial appeal. From it's sweetly, soulful chorus, to Grae's shades of colorful lyrics. With a funky full ear-catching beat and vocal sample, Jean feels the flow with full force. Her sharp, hard lyrics are matched by a cool demeanour, which makes her airtight delivery feel so easy and open. In reality with complex, concept lyrics like, "See I can be the bridge that takes you home/Or I can be he wind that makes you moan/Depending how you treat me baby/See I can be the beacon, brings you light/Or I can be blacker, colder than midnight",it's no straightforward feat, still this superhero talent takes other rappers, male or female to task. Time to marvel at the best female rapper out today because this isn't just a mixtape cut, it's a hit. So get your tape decks ready because the radio needs to play this. They made a mistake when they didn't pick up the accessible, 9th Wonder helmed 'Love Thirst', but this artist can't remain hungry forever. Time to build bridges. This track is burning. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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