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Saturday, 26 February 2011


The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


R.E.M-IT HAPPENED TODAY: One of the world's best bands are back. Expect a new album and it's review, but what better way to start things then with this signature, sublime rocker?

MOS DEF-CASA BAY: Mos' classic album 'The Ecstatic' may be over a year old but it's still rolling, like this perfect rap/sung track. With creative lyrics that roll off the 'deffest' of tongues. Just like the video.

DIDDY DIRTY MONEY-I HATE THAT YOU LOVE ME: Every song on this 'Last Train To Paris' album is a banger but nothing gets you ready more then this dance/rap number. From the first key of the piano, you won't start tapping your feet, till the last chord.

TIMBALAND Feat BRANDY-808: Timbaland keeps rolling out great joints with his Thursday's but this one with Brandy is one of the best re-capturing the magic and the singers incredible beat writing voice that made her album 'Afrodisiac' a classic.

DRAKE-THE RESISTANCE: Speaking or riding a beat, renowned for his singing as well as his rapping, Drake smooths it out with this laid back, chilled introspective number. Your mind will be working as much as your feet.


AL GREEN Feat ANTHONY HAMILTON-LAY IT DOWN: Proving he could still drop soul classics as good as his timeless, decades gone by past. Rev Green teams up with today's best in soul for something one of a kind.

INXS-BEAUTIFUL GIRL: This song took the 'Love & Other Drug' trailer even higher, giving it more heart. Known for penning beautiful pop-esque songs about love but with a rock edge the late, legendary Michael Hutchence gets lyrical and sincere on this devotion. From the first line "Vicky's in the corner", your drawn in like you knew the girl.

TONI BRAXTON-UNBREAK MY HEART: If your feeling a little for the 90's or slower, sadder numbers this smash of a classic is undeniable, untouched and still under appreciated today. Could Beyonce undercut this? Truly unbreakable.

SEMISONIC-ACT NATURALLY: The band had a lot of big, BIG hits in the 90's, but there is just something about this album track, from the opening beat that makes it feel so good. Great piano, lyrics and sentiment, this naturally just works.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-FUNNY THE WAY IT IS: From jamming instruments to out there lyrics, there really is just something about this one man and his band. Still on this deep, introspective take the group take it even higher with great social and spiritual commentary in a song that gains our understanding but still uplifts all at the same time. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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