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Friday, 10 June 2011


With the release of Ben Harper's first solo album in years (the brilliant 'Give Till It's Gone') lets take a look back at one of the last and greatest solo-sets from a man who's ran more bands then Paul McCartney. Not only was 'Diamonds On The Inside' the name of a classic song by Ben Harper, it was also the title of one of his best records to date. As vivid, beautiful and innocent as the album cover this gem was a classic as soon as it was popped out the jewel case. From the incredible intro track 'With My Own Two Hands' to the dusk of 'She's Only Happy In The Sun', Ben gave us musical grace leaving fans eating out his palms. The best, beautiful, compassionate songs 'When She Believes' and 'Amen Omen' gave us food for thought. While the uplifting, spiritual 'Blessed To Be A Witness' and the great 'When It's Good' where so complete it left every listener fulfilled. In fact all the tracks on this album where brilliant as this novel piece really had 'Everything', no fiction or filler. The man who likes to jam with Eddie Vedder dropped pearls, from 'Brown Eyed Blues' to 'Bring The Funk'. Harper really saw and brought it all. Outside of this pop heavy and throw-away world this album would have gone diamond, but still platinum will do. Beside it's not about a plaque you can keep that. It's about what's real and Ben Harper gives that with no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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