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Friday, 10 June 2011


To make up for our lateness on the review and to celebrate his latest success this weeks 'TAPE DECK SHUFFLE' is a Ben Harper special. 'Side A' features his solo work. 'Side B' his collaborations with his brilliant bands.


MORNING YEARNING: One of the most beautiful songs ever in music, period. Over velvety violins Ben reaches greatness and lyrical beauty. The legendary, late, great Heath Ledger (Rest In Peace) also directed the artistically stunning and elegant video. Harper returned the favour penning a lovely lullaby for Heath's daughter ('Happy Everafter In Your Eyes'). (From The Album: 'BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN')

WAITING FOR YOU: Following the intro of 'Morning Yearning' on 'Both Sides Of The Gun' this song flows perfectly on Harper's finest record. A love song at it's most simplistic and beautiful. (From The Album: 'BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN')

ANOTHER LONELY DAY: You really should hear the live version of this with 'Relentless7' from the 'Montreal Interational Jazz Festival'. Still this acoustic classic is string, note and lyric perfect. (From The Album: 'FIGHT FOR YOUR MIND')

BEAUTIFUL BOY: Starting a beautiful marriage with Beatles music that ends up with some new album Ringo Starr collabos, Ben beautifully terrificaly takes on a legendary Lennon lament in tribute. (From The Album: 'INSTANT KARMA')

DON'T GIVE UP ON ME NOW: One of Ben's newest and greatest, no wonder this was a hit in Italy. 'Grande' rock fashioned with love. (From The Album: 'GIVE TILL IT'S GONE')


PLEASE BLEED: Flowing with energy, passion and power. This pleasure was a guilty classic (From The Album: 'BURN TO SHINE' With 'The Innocent Criminals')

SEXUAL HEALING (LIVE): All of Harper's live songs bring more life to his classics but it's this re-working and re-invention of the legendary Marvin Gaye classic that brought this song and artist to new audiences. (From The Album: 'LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL' With 'The Innocent Criminals')

WHERE COULD I GO?:With the spirit and light of 'The Blind Boys Of Alabama' Ben testified to greatness with heavenly inspiration. (From The Album: 'THERE WILL BE A LIGHT' With 'The Blind Boys Of Alabama')

FLY ONE TIME: This upbeat jam with Ben's latest bunch of rock boys builds with inspiration as it grows musically. Heart and soul personified in rock and roll.(From The Album: 'WHITE LIES FOR DARK TIMES' With 'Relentless7')

FISTFUL OF MERCY: Now what sort of group would release a track named after themselves apart from AC/DC? Well how about a super-group with a super-song like this? From Harper's sensational slide guitar riff to his harmonies with Joel Arthur and Dhani Harrison (son of George, told you about The Beatles matrimony) this latest Harper incarnation is incredible. The Travelling Wilbury's of this generation take us on a musical journey. (From The Album: 'AS I CALL YOU DOWN' By 'Fistful Of Mercy'). TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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