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Saturday, 1 October 2011


No need to be waiting for the sun with this early October, Summer feeling heatwave but why not enjoy this third Doors album? This classic is still today as fresh as it sounded back when it was released in 1968. From the definitive classic 'Five To One' this album is top ten and evokes the feeling of the Californian gold coast. This album is so good it's hardly surprising the title made a stay as a song in the incredible 'Morrison Hotel' LP. Just over a half hour of psychedelic, acid rock is all you need to fall in love with Jim Morrison and his L.A. merry men. The Doors open up a barrage of classics from their second U.S. number one 'Hello, I Love You' to the seasons change of 'Wintertime Love'. 'Spanish Caravan' is full of homely flair, while 'We Could Be So Good Together', 'Love Street' and 'Not to Touch the Earth' are as close and heartfelt as it gets. Still 'The Unknown Soldier', 'Yes, the River Knows' and 'Wild Love' is where this excellent piece becomes epic. It's time to put this groups back catalogue in your collection before just wearing their t-shirt won't wash anymore. 'Summer's Almost Gone' but today the sun still shines. Why wait? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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