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Saturday, 22 October 2011


It's not the idea that she looks like a cross between Corrine Bailey Rae and a girl I used to know that intrigues me about young, 22 year old, South Londoner Lianne La Havas. It's the fact that she genuinely is the next realest thing in music. Last night she stood out on the BBC's legendary 'Later...With Jools Holland' live show. The same show that featured cult, indie favourites Bon Iver, Canadian classic singer-songwriter Feist, new attraction Ben L'Oncle Soul, a former Rat Pack member Buddy Greco and the loud as hell Mastadon. Even with all this diversity and greatness it was the unique, one-of-a-kind gentle voice and spirit of Lianne that lifted all eyes towards her. Decked in all-white Vintage, with a beautiful black guitar La Havas passed this 'old grey whistle test' with beautiful songs with the lyrical feel of old classics that also had ready-made appeal for this generation.

With a mesmerizing and magnificent performance, all she needed was one guitar, one mic and her soft, sweet voice and the spotlight and the audience were hers. The seasoned 'Age' is such a great, classic feeling song about love with an older man that it feels like it's been around longer than the songs muse, while the Willy Mason assisted single 'No Room For A Doubt' leaves exactly that as a testament to just how good this girl is. Her excellent EP 'Lost & Found' really is a find on itunes that can't be amiss from your collection while her website offers a lavishing live version of the EP from L.A. for fans to lap up. It's clear to hear this young lady is heading for the stars in her own walk of fame. Now we can't wait for the LP. We're about to hear more from this beautiful, talented girl in full. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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