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Friday, 3 October 2014




Pop Art.

STOPWHATEVERYOUAREDOINGRIGHTNOW! It's time to drop the needle on why you love stuff like this! Nobody...NOBODY makes music like this! Nobody but the greatest purple icon to come out of the heart of Minnesota, and we're not talking about the former Minneapolis Lakers in Los Angeles. Sorry Kobe! Sorry Hollywood! This man isn't just Prince. He's the king...and he's about to make pop his throne. M.J. Rest peacefully Michael, the artist has got you. It's all symbolic. It's all art and in this age. It's official. Now what a 'Hit and Run' year its been for Prince in 2014 by royal appointment. The man who started Revolutions and New Power Generations with 'Purple Rain' and 'Diamonds & Pearls' has been a guerrilla with his tour-de-force concert setlist that has played and played to the polar opposite length of how quick it has sold out. The epic artist of 30 plus albums for 30 plus years, not even looking a quarter of his middle age has made cameos in 'New Girl' and records with Zooey Deschanel. This man in the name of woman has been known to do things in twos. From free albums in U.K. newspapers ('Planet Earth' and '20Ten') to his last dual releases ('Lotusflow3r' and 'MPLSound') that joined protege Bria Valente's 'Elixer'. Now after waiting all year for the new hotly anticipated and eagerly awaited new Prince album, just like waiting all day for a bus, TWO brand new Prince albums have come along all at once. So get your hands up!

New protégés come in the form of 3RDEYEGIRL. Third eye blinding vision of Hannah Ford, Donna Gratis and Ida Nielson. One revolution of a rocking band of new girl power for this generartion that don't give a funk anymore. These plectrums are going electric like Dylan after the harmonic with an audible sensory output that plugged into any amp will beat to the 808 all night and the day that proceeds the next one. From its 'WOW' beginning that rocks you to the symbols, to its 'PRETZELBODYLOGIC' that is as arty as the kalidascopic front cover. Two things are for sure here, Prince doesn't like gaps between his music, like his Musiq Soulchild song titles and this is an all capital affair. Just like 'WHITECAPS' or the title track of triumphant testament. From 'AINTTURNINROUND' to 'FIXURLIFEUP' there's some amazing musical advice to go with just the best axe work you've ever seen on wood since Fenders and Gibson's where carved out of trees. From the tongue-twisting word wizardy of 'BOYTROUBLE' to the musical carriage of the never ending marriage of 'STOPTHISTRAIN' even vocally these girls can hold a note next to the love symbol guitar of the God of funk-n-roll! Still things get real and a deal more definitive when Prince advices you to find 'ANOTHERLOVE' and gives one of his catalogues and best in years. Just like 'TICTACTOE', tit for tat this goes toe to toe with some of the artists best work, live or in the living colour of the studio. Whether sounding like the groups of Prince past (you could easily find some of this music on a 'Parade' down 'Alphabet St', 'Under The Cherry Moon') or out of this world like 'MARZ'.

It's the formidable, fond new favourite 'FUNKNROLL' and its brutally brilliant, grand guitar breaks that bridge the gap between these two albums to the "ooh wee" of their different, versatile versions. From now on Prince and his new band should finish one of their encores with this top ten number. If that's the case then he should definitely open the concerts of his latest tour with the 'ARTOFFICIALAGE' opener 'ARTOFFICIALCAGE' which unlocks a sample of every soulful and funk filled realm of rock and hip-hop history. As Prince announces to the world "welcome home class, you've come a long way", its clear the most satisfying sound you've heard in decades from any artist is now in sonic session. The atmospheric 'CLOUDS' continues this stratospheric journey before 'BREAKDOWN' literally does that in a form of a beautiful ballad that is as classic Prince as the hook to speakers chorus. 'THE GOLD STANDARD' continues his relationship with 'Gold Experience' record label Warner Brothers, before the pretty as a percussion perfect picture 'U KNOW' takes us somewhere else as Prince sings "for the record let me state I never a reason to break contractual endeavour or sever relationship with anyone I pleasure" without breath for these albums greatest lyrical moment in a songbook of tongue lashings lavishings. The only thing cooler is his classic response to Dave Chappelle's classic basketball skit, by having the comedians picture of his 'Purple Rain' Prince pancake offering on his 'BREAKFAST CAN WAIT' artwork. Save your fork, we ain't done yet! Dinner can also be put on hold to for the equally genius 'THIS COULD BE US' and 'WHAT IT FEELS LIKE'. Still before the perfect 'TIME' piece closing number things get truly inspired on the metallic beat and android theme of 'WAY BACK HOME' and some affirmed interludes of a nursing back to reality from a soulful friend with a British accent. Prince may have found three new girls, but its one from London, England who can't believe her luck stealing the show and being all over this album like the next big thing in music. She really is this though. Lianne La Havas deserves this. You may remember Prince literally announcing his guerilla, hit and run tour live from this girls living room. Now like Prince's good eye and sounding like the voice off the end of 'Gold' she's now a part of the New Power Generation. Welcome to the dawn! Still no one looks better from the 'Plectrum' to the 'Art' than Prince. It's official...its still his age. Long live Prince's day. The age of electrum. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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