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Sunday, 5 October 2014



The 'Alright' Album.

O.K. Weezer fans don't you worry! Trust me! Or trust them, 'Everything Will Be Alright In The End'. I know you've grown up with this band and their college rock style. I have too. Through all the 'Greens' and 'Blues'...and even the 'Pinks'. More colours walking through than a 'Reservoir Dogs' line-up. All the way through high-school to your first 'real' job, whether dream or minimum wage. Now after all this time and even the recent 'Raditude' and 'Hurley' hot streak that seems like only a few years ago for these couple of pop classics...not around a half decade, here's betting you feel old. I know I do! It's crazy to think at a Jerry West 44, this Californian calcium kid Rivers Cuomo is just around a half decade from hitting middle-age. So don't worry about that impending 30 date. Plus with his forever young face and voice to this bands style and sound, they will always be two-strapping their way down school corridors all the way to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Even if they are told to get off their skateboards in their Hurley t-shirts.

Wheels up! Straight from L.A.X. these Santa Monica friends are ready to take their 9 million and change domestic sales and add a few million more to their worldwide tour of 17 times platinum plus. With this one they could hit 20 and 10 like basketball big men. These alternative rockers are 'Back To The Shack' of summer scorching singles with the power pop chords to strike one with the charts. More 'Cleopatra' (getting deeper for a band and chart some thought a little too friendly as they lament lost love and life singing "All the wine we tasted, all the love we made/All the strumming lyres will decorate your grave") for the California girls than a Katy Perry smash, these dark horses are back. Galloping through a tunnel of live through their Springsteen like, horror movie sampling 'Aint Got Nobody' opening of raucous riffs on record that leads them down the road and back to the shack. Their first single home of their 1994 roots of surf wax America. The band whose last release was the 'Death To False Metal' previously cutting room floored B-Sides album then write a 'Eulogy For A Rock Band' that's an epic, epitaph engraving before their 'Lonely Girl' lament helps the first part of this album move us back to their music like the monster of their 'Where The Wild Things' like atmospheric artwork. Through a forest fire of blazing bandsmanship, Rivers runs through it with his trademark 'Peggy Sue' glasses bringing back the happy days like a classic video. It's time to knock the juke once again. You'll be sitting on this box all the way through as they rock October. This records going to spin and spin!

'I've Had It Up To Here' Cuomo sings on track five, but you won't when this album barely hits the halfway mark. 'The British Are Coming' so get your crumpets ready. As are 'Da Vinci' for a chord code of art and a 'Foolish Father' that addresses some personal problems and domestic issues that really hit home with one of the rawest and realest records to date for a public-eye reclusive singer. Singing "hard to throw stones/when criminals are victims" it makes a hard rock in a tougher place point like 'Go Away' and these angst ridden ruffs ridicule any criticism that this band still aren't on top of their game or pain. It's brave, bold and a story that needs to be told, showing there's more to this band than 'Hash Pipes' and 'Beverly Hills'. Then to conclude this collection like a Muse 'Exogenesis Symphony', Weezer close this colourful album out with a trilogy of their own in this three-movie deal Hollywood age. 'The Waste Land' of part I is inspired instrumental, whilst part II is an 'Anonymous' but amazing vocal. Still as this track trifecta brings both its end and the one of 'Everything Will Be Alright', the 'Part III, Return To Ithaka' leaves you with no words...literally. Just like 'Pinkerton' and 'Maladroit' this album is as unquestionably unique like the brilliant band themselves as it unravels before your ears like a sweater whose thread is pulled as you walk away. Destroying every other modern day nostalgia band that stand in their way, from Maroon 5 to the Counting Crows and even the Gaslight Anthem 2014 is the year of rock and the memories that like the past classics will want to make you go back there before we head down the Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways'. From Beck to Ben Harper and Lenny Kravitz to two Prince and of course Ryan Adams and the boss Springsteen, these youth legends give an album of the year nominee with their legacies latest. These buddies of Holly find their 'Island In The Sun' again in the end. Say it 'aint so? These heartbreakers told you everything was going to be alright. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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