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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


J Dilla, Gil-Scott Heron, Common.

Aren't you fed up of those generic, so-called 'theme' nights that nightclubs come up with on the semi-regular as a break from the four records they actually have and the watered-down, over-saturated scene it creates as they pretend to be different? Yes? Well 'So Flute' are so much more than this. Three D.J.s based in the city of Manchester (Yad Campbell, Chris Cookson and Dan Fynn) with three unique sets of funky house, dance, soul and hip-hop. Nightlife music has rarely sounded realer. These guys are the genuine article. They know good music and the true classics. This is the night of a different type you've been waiting for.

Bill Withers, The Isley Brothers, Kci & The Sunshine Band.

Manchester's music scene sounds so good again it's almost like the legendary sounds of Northern Soul are back for the first time. The Guardian have heard and we've read all about it. Next up to experience is Wales at the mid-June Kaya Festival. Right now Flute's Campbell, Cookson and Flynn are doing the rounds at the Roadhouse in Manchester with their next and last set of the year there next week on June 7th, between 11pm and 3am. Don't miss out of the sound of the Summer that has been describes as "funky as ****" and. "a great, eclectic mix over three stages". For a bargain, almost robbing them blind £2 advance or £3 on the door what more could you ask for? Especially with great acts Mecca:83 aka Rise and Bolts joining the party.

James Brown, Tony Allen, Lyn Collins.

So make sure you make a night of it before its too late. From the throwback Afrobeat's to the cool posters and artwork that will be bound to be torn down as a souvenir before nights end. From old and new records to remixes and classics of some records you'll know and some you won't this is the night. Part renaissance homage, part musical education, So Flute plays something for everyone from vinyl junkies to people just wanting to hear something fresh. These nights provide the right vibe that you can get along and dance to. You know when you have one of those unexpected great nights that you haven't had in ages and can't stop talking about? Well this is it. I'll drink to that. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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