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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Don't you just miss the good old days of rock music? The golden era? Bands like Guns N Roses and Thin Lizzy? The riffs and the sing-a-long chorus' that made this genre what it is before the indie kids came through and ruined it? Well fear not. You don't have to watch the forthcoming, 'WTF' Tom Cruise and Russell Brand 'Rock Of Ages' movie musical to get a proper blast from the past.

Stolen Empire have a 'Backup Plan' and we aren't just talking about one of their songs. The four-piece (Colin Gibson, Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Siy Hunter, Lead Guitar, Andy Dodson, Bass Guitar and Doug Pitman, Drums) from Southport are currently making the rounds in the city that The Beatles built (Liverpool) and rolling out some songs that are bound to win big in the long run (like their latest 'The Gambler').

They say it best; "sticking two fingers up at X-Factor" bringing forgotten guitar music and chorus melodies back to the stages where they belong. These fellas have found their niche and are a few haircuts and leather pants and waistcoats away from being a Delorean's drive towards the good ole days. This group is more than an act of tribute however. Writing an producing their own original songs. They're more than a homage to the past, they're a homage to real bands and music that is only manufactured by a pad and pen, a studio and some real hard work. Once 'The Gambler' pays off the good times and music will roll and play for this band. Against a stolen sound this empire is ready to strike back. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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