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Thursday, 24 May 2012


B.O.B. is b.a.c.k. and according to weather reports and your style of dress these last few days it's clear skies that the Summer is too. Now what better a combination? On Bobby Ray's new stellar, sophomore L.P. ('Strange Clouds')-that is feature heavy-the best song belongs to the one he goes alone and his new single; 'So Good' produced perfectly by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. If you thought the Bruno Mars assisted classic 'Nothing' On You'-that set the Summer and the co-writers careers alight in 2010-was hot then it's about to get even more scorching with this sensational single. This is the ultimate feel good jam as B.O.B. sings on the chorus "You'll be in the high life/Soaking up the sunlight/Anything you want is yours/I have you living life like you should/You say you never had it so good", all whilst adding a few "la, la's" for feel-good measure. From talking about being "Barcelona bound" to "Drinking a German beer with a Cuban cigar/In the middle of Paris with a Dominican bar" our ATL rapper looks forward to the great times with his one and only. "Girl tell me how you feel/What your fantasy/I see us on a beach down in Mexico/You can put your feet up/Be my senorita/We ain't gotta rush/Just take it slow" he hooks drawing a picture of perfection of everything his muse wants. Every stroke of every verse is a master craft of hip-hop art as B.O.B. even references canvas classics "Cause she admires the art of Michelangelo with the flow/Picasso with the bars/She's well put together like a piece by Gershwin/Renaissance style, tonight is picture perfect". All in all this Summer hot, joy inducing number is incredible. 'So Good' we could put the whole lyrics up on here. Still, in closing let's share one more as this perfect holiday track really takes you to a better place; "Smile, and pack your bags real good baby/Cause you'll be gone for a while". Time to trip out with this Summers number one vacation jam. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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