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Tuesday, 29 May 2012



"A lot of times women in Hip Hop are objectified as sex symbols, rather than appreciated for their lyrical talent. Woman can be intelligent AND attractive, we don't need to diminish one quality for people to respect the other."-Michelle Bennett.

This is not about gender. This is not about race. This is about rhymes. This is not the next female-Eminem. This is an artist in her own unique right. This is the future of real hip-hop. This is Mbennz. This is Michelle Bennett from Los Angeles ready to take on the world with her book of rhymes. This is the dubbed half woman/half amazing, wonder woman who really is a super talent to marvel at. This is a young woman of incredible beauty and inspiration whose positive trend is set to give her a bright future in what all seems like a too dull and negative mainstream music industry. Top tracks like 'Polka Dots' and 'Beside Me' are further rhyme to this reason. Once the illuminating new epic E.P. 'Lost In Space & Rhymes'-with its electric artwork-drops this July 21st you'll see what we mean. 'The Dark Knight Rises' comes out on the 20th July, the light Queen of California will drop and ascend a day later.

The lyrical and spiritual Mbennz says she spreads "peace and love" through her music and if your one of her thousand Twitter followers or someone who likes her on Facebook. If Michelle Bennett wasn't as incredible as she is at that rap game, she could have always crafted a career as a motivational speaker. Turns out she's doing that anyway in each and every rhyme in each line she writes. Now that's inspiration. Powerful with the pen and bold in the booth this artist is about to paint us a picture of just how good hip-hop can be again in all her aura. Bringing the positive back to rap like artists such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Nas-who are in no coincidence her inspirations.

Hip-Hop has got its conscious back. With all due respect to top female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Jean Grae and leading ladies of music like Rhianna and Lady Gaga, Mbennz could be the positive force of influence that young girls and women looking towards popular culture and music need. She will do this by tackling important social issues and raising awareness, all whilst bringing the humanity and integrity with all her heart and soul to what can be a less than wholesome business. Michelle Bennett could be that change we need. If only we believe. She can do it. She's already a star and can be so much more. She's just that good. Yes she can. This creative writer is bringing the poetry back to one of America's last art forms. This is a real woman. This is hip-hop. This genuine spirit is set to light up the game. This is happening. Her time is now.

"Never mistake kindness for blindness.. I'm so far ahead you may need to rewind this"-Mbennz.