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Friday, 22 June 2012



Big Bizness.

The eighties really was the golden era of hip-hop. That's why they call it old-school. It was the defining period. Guys like Run-DMC, Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul and many more made this genre what it is. Let's not forget about two more gems of this period however. The legendary Big Daddy Kane and beat box king Biz Markie. Well last week the city of Manchester remembered as the pair of hip-hop kings gave the HMV Ritz some real musical royalty.

Big Danny Kane came on first giving the excited crowd who 'Know The Ledge' some real classics to deal with. Bouncing around the crowd with enthusiasm and energy this 43 year old showed that he was still as relevant as his extended discography as he ran through legendary tracks like 'I'll Take You There'. This 'Smooth Operator' showed there was no half stepping quickly switching the mic between his hands, coolly leaning on the speaker while spitting tongue twisters and even literally walking through the crowd (not jumping into it) and dancing and partying with the fans. Kane was even able to break dance as well showing us that he had the moves of a young man with his 80's B-boy flair. The charming and charismatic Big Daddy even joked around with the crowd, playing the age game, feeling old and honoured by his older and younger fans alike.

Then it was all about Biz. Markie came out in gold chains and an Avengers t-shirt making his mark with a Hulk strong like presence. Almost 50 Biz was at 100 showing he still has it, making the music with his mouth and dropping classics like 'Vapours' and 'Pickin' Boogers' complete with green lights for effect. Biz Markie paid tributes to some of musics greats with his beat boxing then closed his mouth and made the music with his throat and even put the microphone to his scalp and beat-boxed through his brain. He really was out of his mind. It doesn't get much crazier than that. It got even cooler however as a dressed down Kane (previously he looked like he could button up to an early, new millennium complete with wine came back to roll through some of his collaborations with his mentor. Biz ended the night with his off-key, sing-a-long classic 'Just A Friend', which was as sought after by the fans as Kane's 'Aint No Half Steppin''.

All in all not only did this night take us back to the golden era of rap it also showed us just how good this music and these guys still are. These eighties legends aren't going anywhere like their decades strong and still relevant music. Biz and Big gave us more than a great gig. They continued the party they started along with the hip-hop genre back in the good ole days. The good times are definitely still rolling too and it all still sounds so great. These before their time pioneers showed they where still one thing today...timeless. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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