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Saturday, 23 June 2012



Dance-Floor Exposure.

When Adam Levine revealed to the world his 'Songs About Jane' with his band Maroon 5 back in the early 2000's the world was graced with the new rock/pop group for the new millennium. Massive hits like 'This Love', 'She Will Be Loved', 'The Sun' and 'Sweetest Goodbye' (OK...let's face it the whole classic album) showed the modern mainstream music scene that popular records could still sound so good and be written so well. Following this the band formerly known as Kara's Flowers bloomed featuring on everything from Kanye West records to every advert and T.V. show on the tube. The follow up 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long' carried where they left off with some great tracks like 'Makes Me Wonder', 'Can't Stop', 'Better That We Break' and 'Goodnight, Goodnight' but their popularity waned a little bit. It returned with 'Hands All Over' which was a great reunion with good form featured on tracks like 'Misery', 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed' and 'Just A Feeling'. Still things weren't quite the same until arguably their biggest hit 'Moves Like Jagger' moved them back into the charts, onto the dance-floors and the pages of Rolling Stone.

You can find a special studio performance of that classic club hit here featuring Levine's 'The Voice' co-judge Christina Aguilera on the U.K. edition of this album. Still that isn't the only reason to pick up the new tongue-in-cheek titled M5 album 'Overexposed'. The pop party them of their Mick Jagger tribute keeps going on this dance-floor heavy album which looks to stay in even weightier rotation this scorching Summer. Just take the single 'Payphone' for example which is already dialling up the radio requests. Not only does this big hit have a big, cinematic Hollywood video complete with explosions and ba da boom it also features hot rapper of the moment Wiz Khalifa. This track has got the charts, hook, rap line and sinker.

The reggae infused second-single and album lead 'One More Night' is a brave and bold song that is just a feel good number that takes them further to their 'Police' idols without stinging or arresting their chances as their own band. 'Daylight' is the kind of deep pop track that will play all day on a Los Angeles drive. While 'Lucky Strike' is more than that it's a confident certified attack of bubblegum pop and 'The Man Who Never Lied' is the truth...real talk. 'Love Somebody' keeps the positive heart and soul inspired music beating to this generations iPod's and clubs while 'Ladykiller' looks to be the next Levine number to slay them in droves.

"It doesn't mean I'm afraid of all the things that you say/But I just think we should stay stuck in the moment today/And as the seasons roll back, no matter how hard I try/Summer will end and the leaves will turn again"
, Levine sings as his lyrics get deep and determined on 'Fortune Teller'. The 8-Ball's looking good for them here on out as all signs point to the lament of 'Sad' and the returns of 'Tickets'. Things get real funky as the party comes to last orders on 'Doin' Dirt' before 'Beautiful Goodbye' makes for the perfect end. Maroon 5 finishing ballads haven't sounded this beautiful since their 'Sweetest Goodbye'.

As an added bonus Maroon 5 'Wipe Your Eyes' before bringing the brilliant 'Songs About Jane' B-Side 'Wasted Years' back. A track die-hard fans have been pining for since it's debut on the CD/DVD release 'Live Friday The 13th'. If that wasn't enough the group channel one of their idol's Prince to finish their purple colourful artwork album. Nobody beats the artist but their nice cover is the perfect 'Kiss' goodbye. Lip service will tell you people are starting to talk about the voice of Adam Levine and his band. Maroon 5 are back, with a new member a new album and the right sound that is quintessentially meant for them. Get ready for the exposure. It's over now. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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