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Thursday, 28 June 2012


LeBron James isn't the only king bringing Heat straight out of Miami right now. The NBA champion may just celebrate his success in the South Beach clubs to the music of another man taking his talents to the top. Latin pop and R&B sensation Elijah King is on his own road to victory too.

It's more than his 5,000 Twitter followers and equal number of Facebook 'likers' that tell us this. It's more than his co-signs and work with the legendary likes of Akon, Pitbull, Fat Joe, Mario and T-Pain that shows us this. It's more than the two year tenure at Miami’s Calle Ocho that proves this. It's even more than his performance at South Beaches top Power 96’s Beach House with big names like Flo Rida, Trina, T-Pain and Sean Kingston that really praises his singing.

You can hear through the speakers of one of his songs or his presence on one of his stages which shows this singer could become one of the leading mean and leading lights of Latin music. Even when this guy was a kid he was sought after by Disney, but he wasn't for that Mickey Mouse stuff. Instead like a King Elijah has paved his own way to his crowning achievement. With roots in gospel and singing about the trials and tribulations that come with going for your dream you best believe Elijah King is going to make it. Those not listening need to wake up and tune into the radio, because this sensation looks to dominate the airwaves.

He already hit number 35 on the Billboard Top 50 back in 2008 when he came out of nowhere with his stunning first single 'Cry No More' and after all his hard work and effort you know there will be no more tears when his debut hits the shores of South Beach. With tracks like last years 'Never See You Again' featuring top artist Gyptian and the Spanish single 'Nunca Te Vuelvo A Ver' the hand claps will be applauded to this record. It'll be the kind of album that will make him Miami's Rookie Of The Year. Even LeBron knows the throne is fit for a King. It's Elijah's turn now. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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