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Monday, 7 March 2011


R.E.M. are one of the greatest bands ever, period and now even over 30 years and 15 albums deep their still moving at a fast pace with no sign of being put to sleep. These old timers can still rock with the young ones with timeless, classic rock. In celebration of their new album 'Collapse Into Now' coming out this week (keep it here for the review) lets drop a classic L.P. For our 'Album Select Of The Week', but which one? There's too many ('Automatic For The People', 'Life's Rich Pageant', etc), but were going to go with the criminally underrated 'Up' from the group who have nothing but great material for the record. Sure the band lost their drummer Bill Berry before this record, but they didn't lose a step. Sure this album was haunting and deeply experimental, but it worked and sent shock waves through your stereo. From the energising, kick-off 'Lotus' to the truly sad, man-tear inducing single 'Daysleeper'. It didn't stop there as the proud, inspiring 'Walk Afraid' and the uplifting, higher-powered 'Your In The Air' and 'Falls To Climb' blessed and breathed this out of this world album the second-wind that ensured it didn't meet gravity. Every track, break, interlude and beat fitted together perfectly on a complex but classically concise and crafted courageous conceptual album. After this disc, R.E.M. Where really 'at their most beautiful'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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