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Monday, 7 March 2011


LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 02:  Rapper Drake poses in the press room during The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! at the Club Nokia on December 2, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The playlist of our favourite songs this week. 'Side A' features some latest cuts, while the classics make the 'B Side'.


DRAKE Feat T.I.-FANCY: Drake is still being thanked a year after his debut album dropped and this fashionable cut with T.I. is a real banger, shouting out independent women and late, fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Also with a wardrobe change in flow and pace halfway through, this really is a stylish cut.

T.I. Feat DRAKE-POPPIN' BOTTLES: Drake returns the favour as he guests on host Tip's party track. This celebration is classy and flashy a the two formidable flowers bring their Jay-Z game. There's just something about Drake's boomshackalacka rhyme however that makes everything else not matter.

TIMBALAND Feat LYRICA ANDERSON-MENTALLY: Timbaland continues making Thursdays like Thanksgiving with his free weekly downloads. This cut of a few weeks back tracks Timbaland's incredible potential in urban-pop and discovering new talent.

GINUWINE-FROZEN: Tim's former superfriend Ginuwine remains the same-ol G with this beautiful R&B ballad of his personal new album 'Elgin'. This chilling account of a relationship still in situation critical receives praise for it's shuddering vocals and chilling lyrics. Cool and as ice cold as 3000 Andre's.

TANK-EMERGENCY: Ginuwine's super-group, TGT partner Tank is also on a hot streak with his new album. This super, sublime second-single worthy track shows that the writers solo career is in no state of emergency. Tank has rolled in and made the never now.


R.E.M.-I'VE BEEN HIGH: With the rapid eye movement's releasing a new album (stay posted for the posting) and having the 'Album Select Of The Week' (see below) AMP's & 808's, 'Artist Of The Week' could fill both sides of this feature with their classics. Still this 'Reveal' album and live favourite makes the cut. I once sung it word for word to an old girlfriend at the groups 'Accelerate' tour of 2008. Why? Because just like her it's nothing short of beautiful.

CEE-LO GREEN Feat TIMBALAND-I'LL BE AROUND: before he told the world 'F%$@# You' or before he had crazy success as one half of Gnarles Barkley the Dungeon Family and Goodie Mob played a chart-winning hand and rolled out this classic beat knocker with Timbaland's one of a kind production acting as the ace in the hole.

PETE YORN & SCARLETT JOHANNSON-I AM THE COSMOS: When she's not making movies sell or men swoon the red hot Scarlett is making hit records. Releasing a classic duet L.P. with one of this generations greatest singer/songwriters, Pete Yorn. This cover was the best take on an incredible album. Out of this world and uplifting.

LUPE FIASCO Feat SNOOP DOGG- HI-DEFINITION: Lupe's electric new album 'Lasers' is out this week. Make sure you cop it and while your at it check out Snopp Dogg's 'Puff Puff Pass Tuesday's' for your downloads and mixtape burning. Still on this smoking and lightening track both M.C.s showed they where HD ready before all of this. A real stand-out.

MICHAEL JACKSON-ANOTHER PART OF ME: What can you say about this man that hasn't already been said. Well how about another idea? Just listen instead and as soon as this song starts you'll be dancing like Chris Tucker at the start of 'Rush Hour'. Truly explosive. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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