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Saturday, 12 March 2011


There's a firm Fiasco following at the moment after the release of Lupe's latest album 'Lasers'. The number one album was long-awaited but now it's here Lupe is setting up another release this year and a sequel to his first classic album, 'Food & Liqour'. Lupe Fiasco's debut album was a real cool classic and put the Chicago M.C. right near the top of a rap game that was being dominated by fellow Chi-town rappers Kanye West and Common. Executive produced by Jay-Z, 'Food & Liqour' was full of thirst-quenching, original, innovative hip-hop. Following the lead single 'Kick, Push', Lupe skated through classic singles like the sampling, Jill Scott assistted 'Daydreamin' and the fellow Children Of The Corn member Pharrell featuring 'I Gotcha'. Still the singled out numbers didn't stop there as album favourites 'The Cool', 'The Emperor's Soundtrack', 'The Instrumental' and many more helped make this album a hit from the artwork to the strokes of his genius. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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