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Friday, 18 March 2011


This week's special pays homage to late singer Nate Dogg. 'Side A' features some songs he guested on, while his own hits make up the 'B Side'. Rest In Peace Nate.


WARREN G Feat NATE DOGG-REGULATE: The ultimate classic from two rap, West Coast, G-Funk and rap pioneers. This lasting legacy is hip-hop foundation.

2PAC Feat NATE DOGG-SKANDALOUZ: "Hey Nate you know you got this vocals on this m***********" says 2Pac as this Daz produced fantastic piece of funk fades in, before these two, late legends get timeless on one of many classics together.

LUDACRIS Feat NATE DOGG-AREA CODES: Only Ludacris could remain charming and hilarious whilst talking about promiscuous women, while only Nate could make the phrase "Hoes in different area codes" sound classy.

DR. DRE Feat SNOOP DOGG, KURUPT & NATE DOGG-THE NEXT EPISODE: Hold up, Nate may only sing a few bars at the end of this classic, but there some of the most memorable moments in this undeniable next decade hip-hop cornerstone.

LYRICIST LOUNGE ALL-STARS Feat NATE DOGG-OH NO: Mos Def and Pharaoh Monch both bring some of their and raps greatest verses, while Nate takes it easy on a trademark, addictive, catchy hook which was his bread and butter. Nothings lazy about the Dogg's incredible hit, hook making talent on this Lyricist Lounge smash however.


NATE DOGG Feat WARREN G-NOBODY DOES IT BETTER: This is the perfect accompaniment to 'Regulate'. One of the most underrated Hip-Hop, G-Funk classics of all time. This was a hit, but should of been a smash.

NATE DOGG Feat WARREN G & D.J QUICK-THERE SHE GOES: Nate teams up with his partner and Quick for a really funky, smooth laid back track perfect for the Summer.

NATE DOGG Feat SNOOP DOGGY DOGG-NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE: The two Dogg's bark loud on the type of hip-hop love song that gets bitten too many times these days.

213-ANOTHER SUMMER: Latoyia Williams takes care of the hook, but Nate along with group members drops a velvety smooth verse on a cool, laid back, bright track full of positive light.

213-SO FLY: Snoop, Warren and Nate take the beat off Monica's chart-topper and make a hit out of their own, which went from the mixtapes to the albums, to the billboards. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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