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Friday, 11 November 2011


Next week Drake releases his highly anticipated sophomore set 'Take Care'. So let's take it back to last year and one of 'AMPs & 808s' top albums of 2010. After all the build up, guest spots, mixtapes and hype in 2010 all Drake had left to do was live up to everything and everybody. With 'Thank Me Later' the Canadian rapper saved the praise for later and got to work. What resulted from the lab was a physical album that was the biology of modern day rap, displaying great chemistry with the charts and the critics. Drake gave hip-hop in 2010 a commercially viable and versatile album that Jay-Z would be proud of...and he's the best in the game. Shawn Carter also illuminated 'Light Up' for Tha Carters protegee Drake, so hows that for a co-sign. Wayne also readied himself for time inside with 'Miss Me' a Young Money gift that paid off for the fans. Y.M.'s other protegee and breakout star Nicki Minaj also gave Drake a boost on the strong, battle cry, 'Up All Night'. Still Drake shined the brightest on these and every track that the industry was grateful for from this album. From opening, bright 'Fireworks' with Alicia Keys to the final 'Thank Me Now', Timbaland assisted declaration. Drake got 'Fancy' and diverse with his flows with T.I. and Swizz Beatz and with Young Jeezy he truly dropped the 'Unforgettable', with beautiful remembered, reminiscence to the late, legendary Aaliyah. Sure this album was feature, heavy but Drake proved on his own he was the main feature presentation. With the Kanye produced, 'Find Your Love' and 'Show Me A Good Time' to his own 'The Resistance' it was 'Over' for the billboards. This Torontonian showed even in an industry cold to newcomers, he can stand on his own in his position atop the charts and the rap game. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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