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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


They say charity begins at home and it really does with Swedish singing/songwriting sensation Charlotte Eriksson. Her beautiful song 'I Will Lead You Home' raised money for Swedish cancer-organization Ung Cancer which supports young victims, all whilst rising to number 2 on the Swedish itunes chart. Now that's what raising awareness and funds is all about. Eriksson goes beyond the financial however with a strong show of solidarity that is as beautifully lyrically as it is in harmony. As she sings "When you’re out of breath/With nothing left to give/When you’re left behind/Laying on the ground/When all I see is sadness in your eyes/When all you want is reasons you can’t find/This town is getting smaller ever day/I’ll leave with you, we’ll find another way/When you’re left alone/Just hold on/I will lead you home again" you can really feel how connected and devoted she is to her cause. This is something we can all sing along to. This goes beyond buying into the single, this is recognising a real talent and a real charity that needs awareness and doing something about it. This donation to a cause is one that should really effect us. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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