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Sunday, 20 November 2011



Flash came to Liverpool with a bang.

There's no party quite like a Grandmaster party, so what getter way to kick off 'Liverpool Music Week' then with the hip-hop icon Flash himself on the wheels of steel? Last night England's capital of culture and home of musics most influential band The Beatles saw one of hip-hop's true pioneers take the stage at the age of 53 but looking like a young man and only charging the clubs packed faithful £15 to get in and see a piece of hip-hop history that's still on top of his game after all these decades.

The first hip-hop act to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame enshrined the crowd with classic after classic for hours of fun and good times as he brought the joy back to hip-hop and nights out. The amped crowd were dancing on the tables and throwing fists but this was only in the air, but this was only in the name of good times. Flash played with the crowd, teasing them with classics and making sure they where ready. From getting his 'Message' to spinning classics from Run-DMC to Jay-Z these wheels were really spinning with steel strong classics.

Flash showed he was the grand master of any party those as the D.J. dropped it all. He wasn't scared to play anything and whatever he did and Flash himself sounded all the cooler for it. From Nirvana to Lenny Kravitz to the White Stripes, to even 'I Got The Power' by Snap. The mark of a true D.J. was set again tonight and it can't get much higher than being in the presence of a rap God who can still move the crowd with Eric B. & Rakim hits. Littered around this venue was posters of everyone from AC/DC to David Bowie and yes Flash payed and played homage to all of them. There were adverts on this clubs doors for a Queen 'Rhapsody' tribute act coming soon but Flash played so much Freddie you would be mistaken for thinking that the tribute was tonight. Mercury was rising with the crowds heat and enthusiastic energy.

Still nothing sounded better than when Flash scratched himself (his decks that is). That iconic, incredible sound almost inspired the crabs in a barrel crowd to get on their heads and get down...someone needed to provide some lino's. Flash brought New York City to Liverpool in a show that was only missing the Furious Five or the Sugar Hill Gang in the flesh because they where present in the spirits of a sensational sound system that played all night long and ended on Grandmaster's grand closer 'White Lines (Don't, Don't Do It)' . Behind Mojo's bar are bold neon letters reading 'Music For The People' and last night Flash provided that and then some. This was a night like no other. This was hip-hop. This was Grandmaster. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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